How to restart Android phone with SMS?


Do you want to restart your friend’s Android Phone with an SMS? Yes, it is true, now you can restart any Android phone with an SMS which has MEDIATEK Processor or which has MEDIATEK chief on the motherboard. Just think about, just one SMS can restart your friends’ Android phone remotely. The only condition is that his phone’s chipset should be of MediaTek (MTK).

How to restart Android phone with SMS?

restart android phone

There are many Android phones which build with MEDIATEK chief or MEDIATEK processor. There are many manufactures who use MEDIATEK chief or MEDIATEK Processor to build Android Devices. Some manufactures are Micromax, XOLO, LAVA, a few SAMASUNG devices, even Sony Xperia C also build with MediaTek processor.

MEDIATEK Processor

mediatek processor for android

Let you restart your friend’s Android phone by sending an SMS/Message

Go to the write message option >> type “=” (equal sign without quotation) and send the SMS to your friend’s number. See the example below:

restart androd phone with sms

Your friend’s Android Phone will be restarted when he received the SMS. Enjoy!

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