How to protect a WordPress site from spammers?


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Today I will share with you “How to protect a WordPress site from spammers?“. From the beginning, we have been blogging with WordPress. Still now I feel comfortable to blog in WordPress. But sometimes this WordPress causes of fear. Do you know why? See the picture in the following.

How to secure a WordPress site from spammers?


How to protect WordPress site

See in the picture that there remains above 2000 tunes. Here it needs to mention that, the site is totally new and recently published. Any type of work on search engines is not done. In it there have submitted so many tunes. You may think that I will be happy for that!!! See the picture in the following.


There are above 20000 registered member in site. With every moment the number of registered members has increased. In which average tument comes daily, for this becoming obedient I have closed tument option.

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Actually, those who have signed up and posted, they are not bloggers. They are spammers. They have submitted adult content which is out of the topic of this site. As a result of spamming, frequently server IP is banned. So blogging in WordPress has stood as fear. WordPress is a very popular blogging platform and being it, it has been attracted by a spammer. They are making new plugin. Help of which in one click on thousands blog they have registered automatically and submitted content.

The way of salvation:

  • Captcha code will be put in the sign up option.
  • IP and spam word will be put.
  • You have to be careful before using free theme and adons.

In spite of that, you should not install WordPress in normal hosting site. At the time of registration, comment and post, email is sent automatically to users and admin. If per hour more of 200 emails are sent then that site can be banned.

New bloggers blog with WordPress and face all this problem. If they have pre plan, then they can save themselves from site ban.

In which way spammers are increasing, for which freely blogging is getting so hard in WordPress. Going to use security plug in, it is seen that site gets slow. So spamming is the biggest reason of fear to me in WordPress blogging.

I hope this tune will work for you. Thank you for reading this article. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.