How To Import And Export WordPress Users The Easy Way


When a novel user of WordPress is generated, your database is updated with pertinent knowledge about them. Authorized users can then change this information in the WordPress dashboard’s Users section. Registered users can manage their information from the front end if you’re operating an eCommerce website or a platform that needs membership. As a result, WordPress provides a variety of solutions for handling user data. Before you export your WordPress users’ data, double-check that you have their permission to do so. This will not be a problem for those in your company who are in charge of the site.


However, if you’re exporting customer or subscription data, you might only be able to utilize it on your current site. You may encounter a problem if you wish to export or import WordPress user data. While WordPress does not presently have this feature, there are still ways to get what you want. And we’ll show you a few of them in this article so you may export and import WordPress users whenever required. Are you aware of the social media ghost mascot of Snapchat that has been the most trending topic over the internet?

Why or When You May Need to Import and Export Users in WordPress?

While there are a variety of circumstances in which you might need to import and export WordPress users, the following are the most prevalent ones:

  • When you buy a website with the intention of merging the content and user base.
  • When you wish to combine the content and user base of two websites.
  • When you need to add customer information to an email list or a CRM system.

If you operate a membership site or a WooCommerce store, you’ll probably want to maintain all of your client information and give them a smooth login experience on the new site as well. Let’s see how to quickly import and export users from a WordPress site to another site, as well as migrate WooCommerce customers from one shop to another.

Exporting Users in WordPress

The Import and Export Users and Customers plugin should be installed and activated first. See our step-by-step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for additional information. After activation, go to the WordPress admin area’s Tools » Import and export users and customers page and select the Export option.

WordPress Users
WordPress Users

You may select which users you wish to export from this menu. For example, you may wish to export WooCommerce clients, customers from your membership plugin, or all users based on their job. You may also sort users by their birth dates. You can, for example, choose users who were formed during a specified time period. You can click the Download button after leaving the rest of the parameters at their default values. 

A CSV file will be prepared and downloaded to your PC by the plugin. CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a file format for storing data with fields separated by commas. These files may be opened in any spreadsheet program, such as Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel.

Importing WordPress Users

The plugin also makes it simple to transfer users back to the same or another website. If you’re importing users from one WordPress website to another, you’ll need to install the plugin on both sites. After that, go to Tools » Import and export users and customers and select the ‘Import’ tab from the drop-down menu. Select the CSV file you downloaded previously by clicking the ‘Choose File’ option.

WordPress Website
WordPress Website

Below that, you may customize plugin parameters to suit your needs. You may, for example, import just users with specified user roles, decide what to do with empty data fields, give login links and credentials to users through email, and so on. After you’ve gone over all of your selections, click the ‘Start Importing’ button. The plugin will begin importing WordPress users and display a list of those who have been imported. You can now see the imported users by going to Users » All Users. 

Sending Email to imported users

Now, if you’re migrating user accounts, you might want to send them an email to inform them of the change. During the import, the plugin can accomplish this for you, but you may wish to replace the email with your own content. Simply navigate to the Mail Options option on the Tools » Import and export users and customers page. 

The plugin delivers the login information to users through email by default. You may include your own message here, explaining why people are receiving this email. When working over Chrome, check out the pros of chromecontinue use

How to Export and Import Users in WordPress Multisite?

Before you export your users from a WordPress Multi-site installation, there are a few things you should think about. You must decide whether to remove all users from the network or to export users from one site to another. This WordPress user, import and export plugin, allows you to export users from one site in your network and then import them into another site in your network.

WordPress User List
WordPress User List

Exporting and Importing WordPress Subscribers

The Import Export WordPress Users plugin exports all user roles if you wish to export and import all WordPress Subscribers from your site. It will be easier to export your user data if you have saved it on your site. If you’re using a plugin like a mailing list plugin to collect subscribers and transfer them to a third-party site from WordPress, you’ll need to export the users first.

Bulk Exporting Users

If you wish to export your users in bulk, you may use one of several plugins. You can specify the record numbers you wish to export using the Import and Export WordPress Users plugin. It may be used to export data from a single user or all users at once. The plugin has a single feature that allows you to move all of your users at once.

Final Thoughts

Comprehending the ways to export WordPress users and import them somewhere else is highly beneficial, whether you’re combining websites, utilizing data to assist and enhance your customer relations, and something else completely. 

If you wish to import the user data to another site or view it offline, you’ll need to export WordPress user data. While importing and exporting users isn’t a built-in feature of WordPress, there are a number of plugins that may let you do it.

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