How to Apply for Schools Abroad: 6 Steps


There are roughly two ways to apply for schools abroad: directly contact the school by yourself or with the help of an acquaintance to complete the application; entrust an overseas study agency and cooperate with the study agency to complete the application process. With the development of science and technology, there is now a new way of application- applying through course application platforms, such as CatEight. Either way, the students themselves or their families need to be involved. It can be roughly divided into the following steps:

Studying abroad

Step 1: Make a plan for studying abroad

Successful study abroad must be planned in advance. The so-called successful study abroad, everyone’s understanding is not necessarily the same, but including at least two aspects:

  1. Successfully apply for admission to a foreign institution and obtain a visa to study in the ideal country and institution;
  2. Really achieve the purpose of studying abroad, including the great improvement of foreign language ability, the professional academic level, the ability to think and do things that are far better than those obtained by studying in the home country, the international career, and more and better employment or entrepreneurial opportunities and so on.

Plan for studying abroad

To achieve the above objectives, it is generally necessary to objectively evaluate one’s own conditions, and make preparations in all aspects 1-2 years or more in advance, including preparing funds in advance, taking various necessary examinations, and planning in a targeted manner, implementing your own extracurricular activities experience, consciously cultivating your ability to think independently and learn independently. And at the same time, if possible, you should obtain first-hand information about foreign institutions and majors or obtain professional advice to determine an application.

Step 2: Screen the information about studying abroad

In the Internet age, people have become more convenient to obtain information, but it is more and more difficult to filter information. Currently, the channels for students and parents to obtain information about studying abroad include: visiting education exhibitions, consulting study abroad agencies, visiting online forums, and inquiring about relatives and friends. It should be noted that no matter what channel you use to obtain information, you must have the spirit of questioning, and you must not be partial.

Screen the information

There are several ways to obtain more authentic information about studying abroad:

  1. Ask the school directly;
  2. Consult the education department of the local embassy;

At this step, some parents start to come into contact with study abroad agents and need to carefully choose the study agent that suits them. You can refer to How to Find an Agent for Education? (6 Steps), or directly check the qualification and reputation of the agent.

Step 3: Take the necessary exams

Under normal circumstances, the application for study abroad requires an examination. Regardless of the kind of exam for studying abroad, we recommend that you prepare to take the exam about 2 times in advance to get the best results. The examination schedule should be as early as possible, and it is best to have a satisfactory result when submitting the application for admission.

Study abroad requires an examination

Step 4: Prepare the relevant application documents and complete the application before the deadline

According to the requirements of foreign colleges and universities, the application documents must be complete but not too cumbersome, because there are too many documents that are not related to the admissions application and the colleges and universities will not read them at all. The principle of preparing the application documents is: some must be required, and as much as possible to reflect your true self in the limited materials so that the school feels that you are so different but you are just the student they need. This is the most ideal state.

Prepare the relevant application for studying abroad

The materials required to apply for studying abroad generally include transcripts and academic certificates, foreign language test certificates (such as TOEFL scores, etc.), recommendation letters, personal statements or resumes, study plans, proof of funds, etc. In addition to the native language, the language and text of the materials generally need to be translated into the official language (or English) of the country of study.

In addition to traditional paper applications, online applications have become the mainstream application method adopted by more colleges and universities. Compared with the traditional application method, the online application method has great advantages. For example, the information and materials are more secure and accessible. The process of filling in and submitting the materials can be saved and interrupted at any time, and then it is very convenient to continue when you want. However, how to use the online application system proficiently is also a small challenge for some students. It is recommended to try to apply in advance in order to have a certain understanding of the online applications.

Step 5: Maintain communication with the school and prepare for possible further tests, such as interviews

Maintain communication with school

After receiving the application materials, the school will generally reply to the letter or reply email. If the student fails to receive the response in time, it is recommended to check with the school to confirm whether it has received it. In the process of waiting for admission, you need to maintain the necessary contact with the school.

Step 6: After getting admission, apply for a visa and go abroad to start studying abroad

It is fortunate to be admitted to the institution you like, and to be admitted to many colleges and universities is trouble of happiness. It is very likely that you will receive admissions from more than one university or college, and they will come one after the other. In this case, in addition to appropriately waiting for the admission of the most ideal college, you need to carefully decide to give the school a reply before the date when the school asks to confirm whether or not to accept the admission. If you do not accept admission to a certain school, you should inform the other party in time. This is a sign of honesty and trustworthiness.

Apply for a student visa

If you plan to apply to a school abroad, the above 6 steps are what you must do. Wish you successfully apply to your favorite school and get an Offer to start a new life in another country.

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