How Much Does it Cost to Build an Instant Messaging App?


Instant messaging apps have emerged as a necessity to interact with others in this current period. These apps make it easier to maintain bonds with family and friends and create business alliances. It also assists in acquiring novel concepts and skills.

Additionally, with the remarkable success and popularity of instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Botim, a huge number of startups and entrepreneurs are looking to invest in such types of applications.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Instant Messaging App

However, the main question in every business’s mind before developing an app is, “What is the cost to build an instant messaging app?”

So, to solve this query, this blog will guide you through instant messaging app development costs along with steps and factors.

What is an Instant Messaging App?

An instant messaging app is a mobile application that lets users send messages in real-time. It’s like having a conversation online, as you can see the other person’s typing and when you have read their message.

Additionally, these apps have features such as group chats and voice and video calling, along with the ability for users to share documents and files. It is vital to know that WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and others are among the messaging apps. that are popular nowadays among people.

Cost to Build An Instant Messaging App

The cost to build an Instant messaging app relies on several factors. For example, app complexity, developers’ location, the size of the team, the company you hire, the platform in which you develop it, and so on.

Instant Messaging App

However, calculating the cost of developing a messaging app may cost around $8,000 and $25,000, depending on the app’s complexity. To make this more clear, below is the cost table that you must check out for an idea of how much it will cost depending on the complexity of your application.

App Complexity Cost (Approx) Time
Basic App $8000 – $14000 2-3 months
Intermediate App $15000 – $20000 5-8 months
Complex App $25,000 1 year or more


However, if you want to know the exact cost of building an instant messaging application, consulting a messaging app development services provider is best.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Build An Instant Messaging App

1. Team of Developers

To create exceptional apps for chatting, it is crucial to hire qualified developers. The cost to build an instant messaging app like WhatsApp relies on numerous factors. Two common ways to hire developers are via agencies or project teams.

2. Features and Functionalities

The functions and complexities involved in an application for chatting will influence how much it will cost. A simple message application, which supports private messaging and multimedia sharing, is often less expensive than a complicated messaging application, which offers shared conversations, phone and video chatting, data encryption, and file sharing, among other capabilities.

3. User Experience Design 

A visually appealing, intuitive UI/UX can increase user engagement. The cost of UI/UX depends on the project’s complexity, customization requirements, and the expertise of the creative staff.

4. Platform Type

The instant messaging app development cost will rise if you develop for multiple platforms. Each platform will require specific testing and development efforts, increasing the time and resources needed. Cross-platform design frameworks like React Native and Flutter may also be used to lower development costs.

5. App Testing

For users to have a smooth and error-free user experience, it is important that testing and quality assurance are done thoroughly. Various gadgets and operating systems are used for useful performance, reliability, protection, and other assessments. The price of testing may increase according to how intricate the application is.

6. Maintenance and Updates

After the app has launched, periodic maintenance, difficulty updates, and improvements are crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction. Budgets for these tasks are necessary depending on the number of updates required and the size of the development team. The cost of maintenance is largely determined by the extent of required revisions.

Instant Messaging App Developer

Steps to Build An Instant Messaging App

An instant messaging app’s development is a complex process. It consists of development processes and technology. Leveraging mobile app development solutions is crucial for successful app development.

1. Define Your App’s Goal

Determining the app’s goals is critical before developing a custom messenger. This involves identifying its unique selling points and focusing on the right audience. This starting stage is vital as it implies the groundwork for your development journey.

2. Conduct Thorough Market Research

For a messaging app to be successful, thorough market research must be conducted. You can tailor your app’s functionalities and features to your target audience by analyzing user preferences, the competition, and possible opportunities.

Analyzing existing instant messaging apps is recommended. This will provide valuable insight into the strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need improvement. The market research conducted will ultimately help your app stand out from the crowd in a digital landscape that is crowded by giving users what they want and need.

3. Create a Development Plan

A well-constructed plan will help optimize resource allocation by streamlining development processes. At this stage, it is important to conduct a thorough analysis of the technologies, platforms, and frameworks that are most suitable, including native applications for iOS/Android or using choices such as React Native or Flutter.

Instant Messaging App Development Team

Determining specific objectives in sub-tasks and creating small examples of progress during code development will also simplify complex solutions at project completion stages.

4. Define Budget

To complete your app development journey successfully, you must develop an effective budget. When choosing a price range, it is crucial to consider factors like the degree of intricacy and platform compatibility. This method ensures that you will avoid any major financial challenges during the development of your application.

5. Hire Development Team

To develop an instant messaging app, it is important to plan carefully to create a comprehensive product without being cluttered with complex elements. You must hire developers in London who can develop a Minimum Viable Product with core features and exclude more complex components.

6. App Testing

The application requires extensive testing for a mobile application to meet its objectives. Operational testing, compliance testing, and safety procedures are all included in this. These methods allow testers to identify any technical flaws or shortcomings that may hinder its performance.

7. Launch and Maintenance

It is important to create compelling descriptions, attractive screenshots, and engaging promotional material to launch your app on the major app stores such as Apple App Store or Google Play Store. A good user experience is ensured by continuously monitoring the app’s performance, collecting feedback from users, and updating its functionalities. Regular updates improve the app’s functionality and keep users interested in the long term.


As you can see, various variables affect how much it costs to create an instant messaging application. Also, you now know the development cost of instant messaging apps. It is up to you what functionality and features you want to incorporate into your app so that the development cost remains within your budget. Thus, it is vital to get assistance from an instant messaging app development company that can turn your idea into reality.

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