Fake Memory Card Tester App for Android & Windows PC users


Do you know, how to know the manufacturer name of the memory card or the size of the memory card? Not only the manufacturer name, you may also know the date of manufacturing, name of the company and the size of memory card.

How to check a memory card (SD Card) original or fake?


We – the smartphone users use memory cards on our cell phone. We buy external memory cards from the market for more storage. But, we don’t know that the purchased memory cards are original or fake. Sometimes, some sellers sell the fake memory cards illegally for earning more money. You don’t understand that the card is original or fake, until you are using it. Because, they print the company name, company logo and the size of the memory card illegally on the memory card.

fake memory card tester app for android

But, if you go through my instruction, then you can test the memory card original or fake. For testing, you need to install an app on your Android Device. If you’ve not any Android Device, then you can test on your Windows PC.

Fake Memory Card Tester App for Android

App Name: SD Insight

Platform: Android

Download: [Google Play Link].

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Memory Card Tester Software of Windows PC users

Software Name: Pen-drive Fake Tester

Download: [External Link – Full Version Software Download]

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