Everything You Need To Know About Motion Graphics


You have undoubtedly seen some incredible motion graphics on the internet. You might not know what it is, but the presence of motion graphics across all platforms has become known. But, to start your journey of creativity and skills, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know.

Do you imagine how characters come to life? Yes! Though, when watching cartoons in childhood, you did not focus on how it all happened. But now is the time to reveal the magic with basic knowledge. The movement of objects and the smooth transitions have all been possible with the emergence of motion graphics.

Motion Graphics

Considering the Disney world we all spent our childhood in, Disney movies were all about the perfection of motion graphics, even though the initial start was not on technology but on paper and flipbooks; yes! You might have one at your home as well. A motion graphic was born. Though with the evolution of time, the entire course changed, and now animations and motion are a crucial part of almost everything, from games to cartoons and even professional settings. As a result, many aspects have changed, giving them a new appearance. 

What are the eight types of motion graphics? 

1. Explainer videos 

Explainer videos, as the name implies, are animations that use captivating visuals to explain any concept. Thus, it simply illustrates concepts and ideas to the audience artistically.

2. Instructional videos 

You often come across how-to videos, whether it is smokey eye makeup that you want or you want to tie-dye your shirts. Those are nothing but instructional videos, which are similar to explainer videos.

3. UI Videos 

Your website has a UI design, an interface your customers land on with the initial click. UI videos are designed to improve the user experience and increase interest while decreasing bounce rates.

4. Logo animations 

Logos have seen a significant transformation, with motion graphic services on the rise. Though a static logo determines your identity, motion graphics allow you to be artistic and creative in their representation.

5. Titles 

You might have seen some title pages with a title that immediately catches your eye. The magic of the motion graphics keeps the user attracted to the site.

6. Infographics 

Sometimes a complex set of information is difficult to understand. Here, infographics come to the rescue. It allows one to add all the relevant information in text form. It catches the eye and conveys knowledge.

7. Presentations 

From final-year presentations to professional meetings, presentations are a crucial part of academic and professional life. It gets more attention and interest from the audience, allowing one to convey the message confidently.

8. Broadcast animation 

Broadcasting has become crucial for many businesses. Thus, visual storytelling becomes the curriculum of documenting to keep people watching your actions. With great visuals and smooth motion graphics transitions, it attracts people to you.

What Are The Important Investments You Need To Make? 

You might have started calculating the amount that would be needed for you to become an animator. All those studios providing motion graphic services are not solely based on the money they invest. However, they firmly stand with their skills, talents, teamwork, and suitable investments.

motion graphic services

To smash your myths about monetary investments, you need to know the following:


Education is a long-term investment in any field you choose. Whether you step into medicine or want to pursue IT, education is the foundation for a strong career. With knowledge and the proper use of skills, you can achieve the results you all anticipate. Thus, investing in educational programs, skill development training, and resources that enrich your mind is the initial and crucial step.


Motion graphics came to life with hand-drawn designs. But that does not fit into the modern world. The equipment you possess determines your growth and ability to learn. Investing in laptops and computers, modern equipment, will allow you to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently.


Updated software is required for motion graphics. Professional tutors may charge subscription fees, but having access to all of the tools will enhance your learning and professional experience. Moreover, it allows you to speed up the work and be creative in all terms. Thus, investing in the right way brings success home.


Though there is never an end to learning anything, the more you dig into the world of motion graphics, the more you will know about it. However, we have provided some pertinent information on the types that may interest you as you begin your journey. However, the investments you need to make will add to your skills and knowledge. So, with the basics in hand and knowledge in mind, grow the seed of motion graphics and let it grow wider with your planting of skills.

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