Essay on Positive Thinking Is the Key to Peaceful Living


Oftentimes, the success of an essay is strongly dependent on the topic. Thus, a topic about positive thinking and how it leads us to a peaceful living seems to be pretty easy. Nonetheless, some students still aren’t able to compose it properly. Some of them cannot structure their text. The others cannot give plain examples and so on. Therefore, a team of academic experts from a professional essay writing agency has written this sample of an essay for such cases. On the following topic: “Positive Thinking Is the Key to Peaceful Living”.

“Many problems appear in our life when we start to think negatively. Negative emotions and thoughts seem to draw and multiple difficulties. This leads to a real catastrophe in every aspect of life. No one can live peacefully if there is so much of stress, bad mood, and negativism. If you manage to tune yourself on positive thinking, it will lead you to peaceful living.

Essay On Positive Thinking

Essay On Positive Thinking
Essay On Positive Thinking

I can bet that everyone wants to live in peace with nature and other people. Unfortunately, it’s easy to say but hard to do. Many people blame the way we think. Your personal attitude towards life predisposes whether you’ll live in peace or chaos. It’s necessary to think positively and you’ll reach peace and harmony in everything.

What are the benefits of positive thinking?[1] It has a lot of positive sides and helps us in a variety of ways. Thus, positive thinking:

  • Helps to relax the mind.
  • Rids us of negativism.
  • Enhances concentration and focus.
  • Makes us happy.

This list may be much longer. Undoubtedly, one of the most important benefits is the feeling of peace. We simply get rid of negative feelings and emotions. We become self-disciplined and concentrated on the things that really matter. As we gain our goals, we become happy. There is no place for chaos and disharmony.

Another crucial benefit is the improvement of health.[2] Optimism enhances our immunity. It also positively reflects on our physical conditions. As a result, it prevents a lot of possible diseases. It’s well-known that merely 90% of all health deviations occur due to negative and destructive feelings. That’s why positivism ensures the health and brings peace.

Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking

If you want to reach a peaceful state, you should be aware of possible problems too. Sometimes, people don’t realize that they think in the wrong way. Accordingly, you should be able to identify that you think negatively.[3] There are certain ways to reach that:

  • When a person recognizes only negative aspects and denies all positive manifestations.
  • If something bad happens, a person begins to blame him-/herself even if it’s not so.
  • A state when people tend to accept only the worst.
  • Situations when a person sees only bad or good. There is no middle ground and people always review a situation from one side.

The next step is to define the proper ways to reach positive thinking. First of all, it’s necessary to set limits. Be realistic and understand that you cannot manage everything and you aren’t equally well in all your tasks and duties. You should reject all unnecessary points and focus on the ones that really matter. Sort out unimportant and you’ll make one step towards peace.

One of the factors that make us think negatively is stress. Accordingly, we should whatever is possible to reduce and overcome it. You can use a lot of methods to secure that. One of the most interesting approaches has been suggested by a New York University professor Gabriele Oettingen. She suggested a unique methodology that is called WOOP[4]. This abbreviation is deciphered as Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan. The mechanism is quite effective.

Key To Peaceful Living
Key To Peaceful Living

Let’s imagine that you have to write an important assignment. You should visualize your wish to accomplish it. The next step is to imagine the outcome, which is a properly fulfilled task and high grades as a reward. The third step is to clearly recognize all possible obstacles that may interfere with your success. These may be complex requirements, a lack of time and so on. Finally, make a plan about how to complete your assignment and overcome potential obstacles. Thus, your brain will function actively and effectively. You will not be anxious that something might go wrong because you cooled down, honestly analyzed the situation, made a plan and started to work.

Another good method is to slow down.[5] When you are overly energetic, emotions go back to you and work against you. It’s better to move slower to reach a soothing effect.

It is also necessary to accept and let it go. Many people keep in their memories a lot of bad things they said and did. They eat them from the inside. To reach a balance of the soul and find peace, you should accept those mistakes and say them farewell. Your future is ahead.

Peaceful Living
Peaceful Living

In case, you have a serious problem that is weighing you down solve it. Do not postpone your solution because it will bring bad emotions. If it’s very important, you should solve them as quickly as possible to put off your burden.

Positive thinking has multiple benefits and one of them is peaceful living. If you feel that something troubles you, possibly your life attitude is filled with negativism. It should be changed to reach peace, harmony, and happiness. There are many methods to start thinking positively. Turn on positive thinking and live a peaceful life full of joy.

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