Effects of SSL Certificate & HTTPS on Google Search Ranking


This is the era of improving the security of your website. All Google Web-Masters have got an update from Google Search Console Team (Google Webmaster Team) that “Non-Secure Collection of Passwords will trigger warnings in Chrome 56 for http://yourwebsite.com“.

Google Warning for HTTPS

According to the warning of Google Search Console Team, if you are collecting data/cookies from users, then you must have to use an SSL certificate on your website, others wise users will get a warning message on their Google Chrome Browser. Google updating this feature on their world’s most popular web browser “Google Chrome” version 56 and later.

Note: If you don’t collect any sensitive data (Like: Credit/Debit Card information, User registration, Password or other personal data), then you have no need to use SSL certificate of HTTPS protocol.

This article about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Web Development. Before reading this article, please read my previous article about SEO for Google Ranking Factors.

SSL Certificate & HTTPS Protocol

SSL Certificate & HTTPS

Today, I’ll discuss about SSL Certificate and HTTPS protocol. I’ll also tell you, the importance of the SSL Certificate for your Website and the effects for the HTTPS protocol. Currently, Google’s search algorithm is focusing on the HTTPS/SSL for the ranking factor and it has some reasons and the main reason is the improving online security. A few days ago, Google announced for giving priority to these sites which have the SSL Certificate and HTTPS protocol. Google has given the time to the webmasters for improving their websites by adding SSL certificate and the secured protocol (HTTPS). Today, I’ll tell you, what is SSL/HTTPS? And how to change the protocol type from HTTP to HTTPS.

What is an HTTP/HTTPS?

HTTP = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HTTPS = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

HTTPS is the improved and secured protocol type. HTTPS is a protocol which basically used on important websites for improving security. But, the use of HTTPS, we’ve seen on E-Commerce websites or money transactional websites. Because, the secured protocol is highly recommended for E-commerce and money transactional websites. When the transaction is made, the information of credit/debit cards or the bank account has gone into the secured way, which is completely safe. No one would not be able to theft the information of credit/debit card or the bank account.  When the name (protocol) of any website starts with HTTPS, then the users can make the trading safely.

HTTPS Protocol & SSL-Certificate

There are a lot of people think that SSL/HTTPS only saves the users’ personal information. But, the SSL/HTTPS added websites protect all the types of data which are present in the website. It protects every information, images, files, articles and critical information from hackers.

What is an SSL Certificate?


SSL = Secure Sockets Layer

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a type of security technology, which create the encrypted and secured connection between the server and the user. There are many encryption protocols have been used for creating the secured connection. An SSL Certificate is used to transfer the sensitive information (like: credit/debit card information, social security number, bank information, username and password) to the users. For this reason, the SSL certificate is must for every E-commerce websites. If any E-Commerce website has not any SSL certificate, then customers don’t want to provide sensitive information on this website.

ssl certificate

Normally, all data have been transferred from the browser to the webserver into TEXT Format. At the time of transferring all these data may be hacked by the hackers. But, if the website has encrypted by SSL Encryption, then the hacker would not able to hack or would not able to theft any data from the website.

As more details, SSL is a type of secured protocol, which define that how the data will transfer from the browser to the webserver.

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