Download the most useful 7 softwares of PC


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine for God’s blessing. I’m also fine for God’s blessing. I presented in front of you with some useful Windows software. Today I will introduce with my some favourite Windows app which will work definitely. So take a look today what gifts I have presented to you. If there is any mistake in the post, that will be corrected. Some mistakes can be happened to being so big.

Softwares for Windows PC.


Those who have missed previous important steps, see from here.

#1. KGB Archiver:

Make 1 GB file to KGB archiever by compressing only 10MB highly. If you use this then you will keep few TB files on your PC without any problem. In spite of this, when you upload any file in online, by compressing that, you will upload very less MB very easily.


KGB Archiver

#2. FastStone Capture:

Those who wants to make a video tutorial, mainly this software is perfect for them. In spite of this, you can capture any window and any particular place easily.


#3. Symphony PC Suite:

Those who use Symphony mobile, this software is very important for them. Using this PC suit, you can use internet in PC with android phone very easily though you don’t have any modem.

#4. Time Stopper:

Using this software, you can use Trial version softwares whole life. But this software will not work in case of all types of software. How to do this work, see this video to understand that.

#5. Net Guard:

Which software on your PC, how much data have used?, you can use this software to see this. After opening this software, which software’s data you want to close, keeping the mouse pointer on that, clicking on the right button and then from there click in Kill and then data access will be closed.


#6. Folder Lock:

This is my favourite folder lock software which I have ever seen. I like it very much because with this, which folder you will lock, you will lock by clicking, double with a password to keep this software in that folder and in which folder you have locked file from that folder you will unlock also. 2nd advantage is- this is a portable software. There is no problem to install.

Folder Protector

#7. Free Opener:

Using this software, you can open in your computer 350+ file format. No need to weak your PC by using 10-15 softwares for opening several software.



#8. Modem Booster:

Through this small software, increase internet speed of your modem. Specially those who are in 2G area, they can use this app and internet speed will get increase 25%.


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