Download Laboratory-By Rabindranath Tagore-Bengali PDF Ebook


A few days ago Mr. Biswajit Das the founder of The Mental club have posted an article the name of this article is“Don’t read, now hear the books”. In This article Mr. Biswajit says that it is an android app. If you download this app, then you hear your PDF Ebook without reading. It is the latest Facility of the android app. If you like reading then this app gives you a golden chance.

So, dear, today I will give you an interesting Story download link. The name of the story is Laboratory.

Download Laboratory-By Rabindranath Tagore-Bengali PDF Ebook


Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) is considered as an ideal Bengali writer. Rabindranath Tagore is Bengali Writer, poet, Song Composer and Nobel owner for literature. He got Novel prize for Gitanjali” in 1913. He wrote two national songs from India and Bangladesh, booth countries. Also, he wrote so many songs, stories, poems, Novels etc. But Dena Paona is considered his one of the Greatest Story in all over the world. It is taken from ‘GalpoGuchho’.

So friends download this story and download this app also and check it how it work.

Click here to Download (Laboratory) in Pdf

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