Computer Hardware Question Answer (Part 2)


Hi friends, how r u? As my promise, “I will come with Hardware Exam Question part-2” – so here I’m presenting computer hardware question answer (part 2). You can read Part 1 from here.

Top 50 Computer Hardware Question Answer

computer hardware question answer

1: What should you do before you attempt to discharge a CRT?
A: Turn power off before removing power source.

2: High humidity can cause what type of problem?
A: It can cause electrical current to bleed around the chips causing shorts.

3: When using an anti-static wrist strap, the best place to attach the grounding clip is?
A: To the frame of the PC

4: On a laser printer, what moves the toner from the drum to the paper?
A: Transfer Corona

5: The default I/O address for COM1 is?
A: 3F8

6: ESD occurs between two objects that have? 
A: Different electrical potentials

7: How many pins have  a serial port connector?
A: 9

8: What function does the power supply perform?
A: Converts AC current into DC current.

9: On a dot matrix printer, a good image on one side of the page and a poor image on the other side of the page – what it would mean?
A: Platen out of alignment

10: A mouse begins to move erratically jumping around when moved. What is the problem?
A: Dirty mouse

11: Which AT command is used to reset a modem?

12: What information is stored in CMOS or PRAM?
A: Date and time. CPU and memory size characteristics. Floppy and hard disk configuration data.

13: The term “ESD” refers to?
A: Electrostatic Discharge.

14: How do you dispose of a PC battery?
A: Check the battery label information for special disposal procedures.

15: How can you limit the chance of AC line noise?
A: Install the computer system on its own power circuit.

16: You suspect a virus has entered your computer. What will not be affected by the virus?

17: What will happen when shadowing is enabled in a computers BIOS?
A: Instructions stored in various ROM chips are copied into extended memory.

18: What does IRQ allow interface cards to do?
A: Interrupt the CPU to request service.

19: Which ports use IRQ4?
A: COM1 and COM3

20: What uses IRQ3?
A: COM2 and COM4

21: What IRQ is assigned to the floppy disk controller?

22: How can you tell if the CMOS backup battery is going bad?
A: Computer will start losing the date and time.

23: How many intelligent devices can be daisy-chained together from a standard SCSI controller?
A: Seven (8 if you include the adapter card)

24: If a SCSI card is controlling both external and internal devices where would the terminators need to be located?
A: The terminating resistor must be disabled on the controller, and both the last internal and last external devices on the chain must be terminated.

25: What is the default resolution of a VGA monitor?
A: 640×480

26: What does TSR stands for?
A: Terminate and Stay Resident.

27: Which allows faster access; RAM, ROM, or virtual memory?

28: When installing a high capacity hard disk drive on older machines, what might you have to upgrade?
A: ROM System BIOS

29: What is a parity error?
A: Indicates a problem with data stored in memory (Bad RAM).

30: What type of a connector does a parallel cable have?
A: DB25

31: A parallel printer cable has a DB25 connector on one end and a _____________ connector on the other end.
A: Centronics

32: Software or firmware embedded in chips on the circuit board which determines compatibility.

33: The design of the ISA bus only allows for support of 16 MB of memory. If that is the case, how can a computer support 64MB of memory?
A: By page swapping

34: Hard drives start out essentially blank. They need to have their sectors defined on each track. In addition, the sectors have to be marked so that data can later be found and retrieved. This process is called?
A: Low level formatting

35: LPT2 uses what I/O address?
A: 278

36: What are I/O addresses and what do they do?
A: Communication ports between a device and the CPU.

37: An error detection technique consisting of a cyclic algorithm performed on each block or frame of data by both sending and receiving modems.
A: Cyclic Redundancy Checking (CRC)

38: How many programs may reside in the HMA?
A: Only one at a time.

39: This step of the Electrographic Printing process puts a uniform negative charge on the drum, erasing the electrical image of the previous page.
A: Conditioning

40: Serial cables can be longer than parallel ones, with the maximum recommended length for a serial cable being?
A: 50 ft.

41: This topology uses a hub instead of a single trunk cable. Individual workstations extend from the hub, each connected by its own cable. Signals are broadcast to all stations or passed from station to station.
A: Star

42: How many transceivers can be integrated onto a Thicknet backbone?
A: 100

43: Consider the following scenario: You are looking at a laser printer that prints perfectly formed letters that smear easily. Using what you know about the EP process, what assembly would you suspect?
A: Fuser

44: What was the first CPU to come with a built-in coprocessor?
A: 486DX

45: DC2000, DAT, and QIC80 are all examples of what?
A: Tape media

46: What type of motherboard has a soft power-on switch?

47: What occurs during the writing part of the EP print process?
A: An image of 0Vdc charge is ‘written’ to the drum with a laser

48: The first CPU to have a 64bit data path was?
A: 586

49: What are the 6 steps of Laser Printer process?
A: cleaning

50: Where do you terminate SCSI?
A: At both ends

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