Basic Network+ course syllbuss for telecommunications student


Hi friends,Today i will give you Network+ course syllabus for the student of  Network engineering. In telecommunications, network engineering may refer to: The field concerned with internetworking service requirements for switched telephone networks and developing the required hardware and software. The field concerned with the design and management of computer networks. The field concerned with developing telecommunications network topologies.

Basic Networking+ course syllabus 

Basic Networking+ course syllbuss 

  1. Introduction to Networks
  2. Client Server and Peer to Peer Network
  3. Csma/CD,Token Ring,FDDI
  4. Network Cable and Cabling
  5. Protocol
  6. The Open Systems Interconnection Specifications
  7. TCP/IP Fundamentals
  8. Networking Topologies, Connectors, and Wiring Standards
  9. Networking Devices
  10. Introduction to Internet Protocol (IP)
  11. IP Addressing
  12. IP Subnetting, Troubleshooting IP,
  13. Wireless Technologies
  14. Management, Monitoring, and Optimization
  15. Remote Access Technologies
  16. Tel-Net
  17. Firewall, LAN Connection

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