7 Best Social Media Marketing Tips For 2020


Social Media is the biggest source of marketing for both new and well-established brands. It helps them to grow the following, increase sales, generate leads, and interact with the audience. And it might seem massive to build a brand using social media, but trust us, social media can be an easy way to find the target audience on social media and organically connect with them.

Even if you are using social media marketing for business for quite a time, there is always room for improvement. You will always found one or another kind of difficulty while doing the same. Even if you have great content and spending a huge amount of money, some unplanned scenarios will always create difficulties for you.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips

Best Social Media Marketing Tips


So here are some social media marketing tips for you that will improve your returns on every platform:

Start With Identifying the Goal

The well-planned social media marketing always starts with a goal. Each platform works differently, but with a goal, you can improve everything. You can even use the SMART goal setting strategy before doing social media marketing.

  • Specific: The goal should focus on exactly what you want from your business.
  • Measurable: If you can measure your goal by using numbers, percentage, yes-no, and fractions, you can call it perfect.
  • Attainable: Your goal should be demoralizing, but it should not be over the expectations.
  • Relevant: The social media marketing goal should connect with the marketing goal of your business.
  • Timely: You should be able to check the dates and times of the goal and have a track on it.

Identify your Target Audience

Target Audience


When you want to send a message, make sure that who you are trying to target and how they will decode the message. This is the most essential part of social media marketing and involves three pieces of information for identification:

  • Review the past happy clients: Knowing the industries, goals, and demographics of the past happy clients will help you to identify your target audience.
  • Focus on the pain points: Identifying the problem and providing the solution for the same will help you to identify the audience.
  • Survey customer support: Survey the customers and what they want. Knowing that will help you engage with them and target their interest.

Choose the Relevant Platform

As there are so many social media platforms, it becomes even more effective to identify the best platform for marketing. Each of them works differently and has a different kind of audience.

For example, Facebook and Instagram are giant and connect people with their friends and family, whereas, LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses and business owners. So while choosing the platform, get the answer for these questions:

  • Who needs the product and services?
  • Which platform does your competitor use?

Hire a Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager


Hiring a Social media manager will help you to stay away from mistakes and schedule each and everything. The best social media management tools know their job and will help you to get better results at the least cost. A genuine social media manager should have strategic thinking, organizational skills, and branding expertise.

Make Sure to Deliver Reliability

When you are into social media marketing, it becomes quite important to maintain constancy. You should involve pictures and blogs to maintain a balance. Also, here you should keep in mind about writing the relevant content while keeping the target audience in mind, set the calendar to post each kind of content, and listen to the client and target audience.

Grow and Engage your Audience

Grow and Engage your Audience


When your target audience sees your message and they get engaged with it, the result of it increases instantly. So when you are working on the social media channel, make sure to increase its viewers and followers.

The best way to do so is by engaging with your current customers, connect with the people who want to follow you, and use paid ads to find a new audience. In content, use tags, links, and hashtags for better results.

Measure Results

At last, it becomes quite important to measure results as it will help you to make the relevant changes. If you will not make a track, you will not be able to identify whether the strategy is a hit or a flop. So always check the followers, clicks, leads, downloads, and Likes/Shares/Comments.


Social Media changes with time, so you should keep track of the recent updates and trends. Also, simply focus on these 7 tips and enjoy the better social media marketing revenue, get ahead of your competitor, and grow your audience interface.