An Easy Way to Learn English Grammar in Bengali Language (Full Course)


Hi friends, today we are going to start a new project – which is “An Easy Way to Learn English Grammar in the Bengali Language – It is also known as “Basic English Grammar Course in Bengali“. Within 30 days, you’ll be able to learn the “Basic English Grammar“. We will cover the full course with 34 lectures.

শিখুন ইংরেজি গ্রামার বাংলা ভাষায়

Do you want to be an online earner? Or Have you done any online course, want to start earning online, but you are very weak in English?

Though you don’t know English more, it will be done when you give the answer by reading basic.  And I have noted that there are maximum training centers in our country, they don’t give the importance in English or don’t make pressure to learn English must. Now, Bangladesh is in the best place in the market as the spammer. Do you know why? For writing a few cover letter they copy that from Google.

At last, I will say the importance of English is terrific which is out of making you understand. Today, why are we spammer? Because we don’t know English. I can challenge that there are many experts in our country. But only they don’t know to speak in English well that’s why many clients don’t work with them.

I will say one thing that if you want to become a freelancer then learn work by choosing a sector and learn English also if you don’t know because it is very important.

An Easy Way to Learn English Grammar in Bengali (Video Tutorial)

Course Contents at a Glance

Introduction, Course Contents & Acknowledgements

  1. Tense (Present Indefinite Tense)
  2. Present Continuous Tense
  3. Present Perfect Tense
  4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  5. Past Indefinite Tense
  6. Past Continuous Tense
  7. Past Perfect Tense
  8. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  9. Future Indefinite Tense
  10. Future Continuous Tense
  11. Future Perfect Tense
  12. Future Perfect Continuous
  13. Tense in Chart (Tense at a Glance)
  14. The Rules of Adding “ing” with Verb
  15. The Rules of Adding “s” or “es” with Verb
  16. Conjugation of Verbs
  17. Punctuation
  18. Use of Degree
  19. Use of Adverb
  20. Conjunction***
  21. Parts of Speech
  22. Introductory “IT” & “There”
  23. Voice Change (Part 1 – Theoretical)
  24. Voice Change (Part 2 – Practical)
  25. Narration Change (Complete Tutorial – Theory + Practical)
  26. Modal Auxiliary
  27. Infinitive
  28. Application of “ABLE TO”
  29. Causative Sentence
  30. Conditional Sentences
  31. Usage of “About to”, “Need to”, “Dare to”, “Must”.
  32. Use of Participle
  33. Use of Correlatives
  34. Application of “Seem” and “Likely”

Note: All these lectures will be uploaded to YouTube one by one. So, keep visiting this page to get the update every day.

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Learn English in Bengali (Bangla) – PDF EBook and Audio / Video Tutorial (Link Updated)

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