A to Z SEO Guide for Beginners from Google


Yes, it is complete A to Z SEO Guide for Beginners from Google, who don’t know what to do after creating a site. Most of the users who are new to blogging or who are learning blogging, or who are learning site building don’t know that how to make an SEO friendly website or how to make a Google search friendly website or how to happy Google.

A complete A to Z SEO Guide for Beginners

seo guide

What you should do after hosting a website?

  • #1 Submit Website to Google

Google Search Console team always verify your site every moment before showing your site on Google search result. Google does not show any new site on Google search result, if you don’t submit your site to Google. So, first you need to submit your site to Google, after submitting, you have to verify your site. I described in detail about how to submit website to Google, check it now and set up a Google Search Console account.

seo guide by google

  • #2 Set Preferred Version (WWW or non WWW)

Choose your favorite version. There are two versions available for showing your site, including www Or excluding www e.g.: (http://www.thementalclub.com or http://thementalclub.com).

non www url

Confusion? Which is the best? WWW or non WWW. If your website has too long URL, then I’ll recommend you for using non WWW format. If your website has short URL, then the WWW version instead of non WWW. The non WWW URL is best for a daily updated blog.

Preferred domain

Log in to your Google Webmaster account and click on Gear Icon > Site Settings and choose your Preferred domain.

  • #3 Select target country

You have to target a country from the country list. Google automatically delivers your content to your selected country. If you are from India, then choose India from  the country list.

target country

Log in to your Google Webmaster account and Go to the dashboard of your site > Search traffic > International Targeting and choose your target country.

  • #4 Share access with co-workers

If you are the admin of your website and if you have any co-worker, then share access of your Google Webmaster account with your co-workers. Because they can suggest you a good idea.

share access of your Google Webmaster account

  • #5 Submit sitemap to Google Webmaster

A sitemap is essential for every website. Without sitemap your website is incomplete. The Mental Club also has a sitemap (http://thementalclub.com/sitemap.xml). When Googlebot comes to a site, first check the site map. Through the links of sitemap, Googlebot crawls the site and index it. Here is a huge resource about how to create a sitemap, how to submit site maps to Google.

  • #6 Ask Question to Google Webmaster Help Forum

If you are facing any problem or if you have any question, then you can ask your problem on this Google Webmaster Help Forum.

#7  Download the SEO eBook which is provided by Google

Google released an eBook for Beginners. You can download the eBook from this link for learning better SEO in offline.

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