A Complete Guide About Subscription Business & Recurring Billing Management Software


Good cash flow is the goal of every business, and for smooth cash flow, companies in the corporate sector adopt different business models. One of these business models is subscription recurring billing. People are using this business model for centuries. However, in modern times, it emerges with new strength. In the digital world, it is the leading business model.

Experts predict that in the future, the digital business world will be utterly dependent on subscription or billing management software. In this article, you will find the details of this business model from scratch. Then there will be discussing the SaaS subscription software specially developed to assist the SaaS companies in using this business model and prospering.

About Recurring Billing Management Software

Subscripting and billing

If you try to manage your subscription business without subscription management software, there can be the following imbalances:

  • Mismanagement when the number of subscribers increases
  • Billing and invoicing errors
  • No availability of proper business analytics
  • Lack of system flexibility
  • Affordability issues
  • Payment failures
  • Revenue leakage
  • Customer un-satisfaction
  • Customer churn

If you want to avoid all these issues, then the only solution is recurring billing software. People who are new to the subscription business would probably underestimate the power of SaaS subscription software.

Recurring Billing

A well-integrated and flexible subscription management platform can integrate third-party applications. Such integrations provide you with a platform where you can manage all subscription business activities. You will not need separate platforms to run different business processes.

Subscription Business Model

Subscription billing is based on the idea to offer customers services or products regularly that they need recurrently. You can say that the foundation of this business model is erected on catering to the recurring needs of customers.

For example, people need streaming services regularly. So, they are offering to pay certain charges to access videos for a specific time. They become subscribers. To manage these subscribers streaming services providing companies also need online software regularly. Here are the companies offering B2B SaaS services to these companies.

They offer streaming services providers to use their platforms and manage their millions of subscribers, their billing, business analytics, and a lot more by paying recurring charges.

Subscription Business

Just like streaming services, there are a lot more businesses in the subscription business ecosystem. Today the network of B2B and B2C businesses in the subscription business market has become so complex that it is not easy to understand.

Does Subscription Recurring Billing Model Suit Your Business?

You would have heard that the subscription billing business model is a way to bring revenue from multiple streams. It is undoubtedly attractive for all businesses to earn revenue from more than one revenue stream.

Companies that offer streaming services, magazines, and newspapers, etc., commonly use the subscription billing business model.

But now, those businesses are coming into the market that one could not even imagine running on a subscription billing business model. For example, they are offering subscriptions for shaving products, socks, dog potty pads, etc.

There are a lot more unusual subscription boxes that different companies offer. It is pretty motivational for all businesses to find new avenues for their companies in the subscription business market. Still, not all businesses are done for a subscription billing business model.

If you are thinking to shift to subscriptions, then first decide whether your product or services are needed by the customer recurrently or not. If people do not need a product or service more than once, they will never receive subscriptions.  


To conclude the basics of subscription billing and SaaS subscription software, it can be said that recurring billing is not a novel concept. It has been in use, but automation, subscription management platforms integrate with sales tax management software have rejuvenated the subscription billing business model. AI algorithms have enhanced the performance and accuracy of recurring billing software.

If you are confused about the subscription billing business model, you can reach out to team SubscriptionFlow. They offer a subscription management platform as well as consultancy services. They can help you decide whether you need to adopt a subscription billing business model. And if you adopt, what can be implications for you.

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