5 Outstanding Steps on How to Advertise on Instagram


Instagram’s audience is growing – and advertisers are following users to this site. At the same time, all the advertising features of the Facebook account are available, and the cost of the attracted buyer or site visitor, if properly configured, is lower than in other channels.

Forget about all the gray methods of promotion, such as mass follow-up and mass-share and analyze only paid and effective ways for today. Most advertisers today work with targeted advertising and bloggers.

How to Advertise on Instagram
How to Advertise on Instagram

We talk about the types of advertising on Instagram, the correct setting of targeted advertising, its cost, as well as the advantages of this site.

Two Primary Ways to Advertise Your Product

  1. Targeting

You can launch post promotion from your account or your Facebook account, spend from a hundred dollars to several thousand.

  1. Bloggers

The market for bloggers has grown dramatically: in addition to accounts with millions of subscribers, micro-influencers and macro-influencers sell ads today. It’s easier to arrange accommodation with them, even if you are promoting not a BMW, but a design studio in Paris, and the cost of a post or story is low enough to fit the work with bloggers into the advertising budget of the design studio mentioned above.

How Bloggers Can Increase Your Instagram Page Nowadays

Opinion leaders can post an ad post or story. Unlike targeted advertising, blogger’s placement results are more difficult to predict.

Imagine: you buy placement for 100 dollars, and after payment and the release of the post, you understand whether it was effective.

Before starting an advertising campaign, it’s important, at least approximately, to know how much Instagram advertising costs and what effect to expect.

In targeted advertising, you can conclude performance by spending a much smaller amount. By targeting, you’ll see the estimated cost of advertising. And if the price does not suit you, turn off the campaign.

On the other hand, advertising on an Instagram blogger can bring targeted actions at a price much lower than what would be required to spend in targeted advertising. The blogger not only informs the audience about the product, but also recommends it, and the audience trusts this recommendation.

The advertising market for bloggers on Instagram is somewhat chaotic: there are no convenient sites, average prices, or even generally accepted rules. Get ready to spend time looking for opinion leaders, chatting with them, approving publications, and collecting reports. In some cases, professionals can help you to boost your Instagram page efficiently.

However, you can easily manage cooperation with bloggers by following these simple steps:

How to find a blogger for advertising

Create a portrait of the target audience and find pages whose subscribers are your potential buyers. Start by searching directly on Instagram: you probably know several opinion leaders from your field. Find pages similar to them, look at their subscriptions: usually Instagram bloggers of related subjects communicate and follow each other.

How to negotiate with bloggers

For some accounts, the manager is engaged in the purchase of advertising. His contacts will be listed in the bio.

Often the conditions for advertising are placed in “relevant stories.” Here you will find the price and procedure for applying for advertising. If no information could be found, write to the direct. Most likely, we are talking about a small blogger, and he will surely notice your message.

Post Management

Let the blogger write the text of the advertising post in his style. An opinion leader knows what his audience likes and how to get your product to hook subscribers. Agree on the approval of the material before publication to check for inaccuracies, but do not ask the opinion leader to publish frankly advertising phrases from your press release.

How to Target Your Ads Correctly

You can use Instagram targeting for all business accounts. Make sure that you have one or transfer your account from personal to business in the settings.

Instagram Ads
Instagram Ads

There are two ways to launch advertising on Instagram: promotion of posts from a profile or full-fledged customization in the Facebook advertising dashboard.

  •       Promotion of posts is easier for beginners: click on the “promote publication” button, select several parameters, and the advertisement will start. But the possibilities are seriously limited, and you can promote only those posts that are already running in your account. This method is not suitable for website promotion and any external resource.
  •       Use it if you want to get coverage for a specific publication, and there is little time to set up.
  •       Setting up advertising on Instagram through the Facebook advertising account is suitable for any purpose: reaching videos, attracting subscribers, increasing traffic to the site, selling goods from the store.

To start targeting on Instagram, go to the advertising office: find the “Advertising” section in the drop-down menu in the top panel of Facebook.

Choose the Ad Target & Setup Your Budget

Read more about goals in Facebook Help. If you still don’t understand anything, select Coverage or Traffic. Choose a budget for the entire validity period (if you know when your advertisement should end, for example, with the end of discounts in the store) or a daily budget. You can change it.

Instagram Advertisement
Instagram Advertisement

Set the campaign start dates (if it should not start right now) and the end date. If you do not set a completion date, ads can still be turned off at any time, and this function will additionally protect you so that ads with irrelevant information do not spin if you forget about them.

Make Sure That Your Audience is Correct

  •       Detailed targeting is the most crucial parameter. Here you can determine the interests of the audience, the field of work or study, marital status, the presence of children, and much more. Enter interests in the line, and when you select several relevant ones, click on “Recommendations” – and the system will tell you similar interests.
  •       The “Communications” setting is vital if you want to interact with subscribers of your Facebook page, the event on Facebook, or a mobile application (you must connect it in advance with the advertising panel).
  •       Locations: choose a country, city, or specific address (for example, people who are near your store).
  •       Age: Set the age of your target audience.
  •       Gender: Select a gender or leave the All option.
  •       Languages: This is the language of the Facebook interface. Your audience can use the social network in many languages.

The Ad Placement and Additional Settings to Run Correctly

  1.     Choose a placement for advertising

By default, your ad campaign is shown everywhere: on Facebook, on Instagram, in Messenger, and even on the Facebook partner network (Audience Network). To show ads only on Instagram, click “Edit Placements” and uncheck all unnecessary sites.

Instagram Ads Through Facebook
Instagram Ads Through Facebook
  1.     Optimization and Delivery Settings

You can leave it by default if you do not know how it works.

  1.     Create an ad

Select the page on behalf of which Instagram ads will be placed. First, select the Facebook page to which your Instagram profile is attached (it is attached to some business page if you switched from personal to a business account). After selecting a Facebook page, you will be able to choose an Instagram account.

If you don’t have one (yes, that’s the way it was), select “Show ads on behalf of the page on Facebook.”

  1.     Choose an ad format: photo, video, gallery

Test different formats and do not forget to change creatives so that they do not become familiar to the audience.

  1.     Upload files: photo, video, add text and link

You can now publish the campaign. First, it will go to moderation and will begin to spin in a few minutes or hours, depending on the speed of moderation. You will see the status of the ad in the “Display Status” column. When an ad is running, the status is Active.

Expert Tips That Can Boost Your Ads

The main thing is the “foundation,” and it helps to reveal the essence of the proposal. You have to convey what the blog is good for, what its theme is, who you are. So that a person, getting to your page, immediately understands whether a blog can be exciting and useful to him.

Promote it wisely

Do joint live broadcasts, stories, posts, but most importantly – not with competitors. Look for people who have about the same number of subscribers as you have, and agree. You can promote Instagram yourself for free by subscribing to the person who is of interest to you, and at all recommended ones. Next time, Instagram will show people similar to your favorite bloggers.

Instagram Stories Ads
Instagram Stories Ads

Use hashtags

Make a list of hashtags that are close to you by topic and start to “perform.” You need to subscribe and like people with such hashtags. The main thing is to put them strictly on the subject, and not the most popular.

Lead the dialogue

To promote Instagram, you need to find bloggers from your sphere who have few subscribers. Leave a few comments under the posts or ask questions. Attract the attention of a potential audience and possibly lead a discussion in direct messages – it will be easier to negotiate a mutual PR.

Motivate people to tag you in the photo

Ask people to tag you not in the description, but in the picture – then your photo automatically appears on their page, and this is additional traffic.

Attract an audience from other social networks

Find people through different social networks: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter – you can also use contacts and mail. Make newsletters and posts with a brief self-presentation and information that you have an Instagram account.

Make engaging content

Your content should be of interest to the target audience. What can it be? There are four types: informative, entertaining, selling, personal. The main thing is that he should catch and motivate people to like, write comments, and share your posts with other users.

Prove Your Audience That You Are Not a Spam-Zombie

The main secret of Instagram account popularity is identity! Users do not want to look at pictures with objects, and people are essential to them. Most of the success is being yourself. It is possible to promote Instagram yourself if you write and talk about what you understand, what you can show and prove your professionalism.

Make Simple and Real Posts

Do not publish too complicated and long articles. The lightness that is beneficial is essential. Love your readers, be sincere with them. Lies and falsehood repel real subscribers – they choose content “with a soul” that resonates in their hearts.

Instagram Post
Instagram Post

The main thing is the quality of the audience

Do not chase the number of subscribers! Now the quality of the audience is essential. Then, not only will you give information and knowledge, but the audience will share energy, respond to your posts, which offers great pleasure and motivates you to promote Instagram further!

Why Instagram Ads are So Critical for Online Business?

The social network was initially created for mobile platforms. Given the growing trend in the popularity of gadgets, we can conclude that there is your target audience. And, perhaps, it is more than in desktop versions of social networks.

Statistics show that users from mobile platforms respond to advertising much more optimally. This means that the cost of the transition or the client itself will be lower for you. You spend two times less money and attract three times more buyers.

This is a targeted form of advertising. The more clearly you highlight your audience, the higher the performance of your ads. Instagram allows you to find your potential customers among millions of users.

Facebook algorithms are used here. If you are already promoting yourself on this social network, audience segmentation is greatly simplified and boils down to several hours of work. Both theory and practice prove that Instagram is an ideal platform for any business. Skeptics say the era has passed, Instagram no longer brings so much traffic.


The principles of creating Instagram ads are changing rapidly. You will achieve the desired effect only if you use the latest instructions. We have given you a strategy that most marketers employ in business. Be sure to stick to each point to get high conversion.

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