Instagram Analytics – Getting Started with Instagram Insights to Increase Followers!


If you have a business account on Instagram, it is obvious that you would wish to know how to track your business marketing success. There is a feature called Instagram Insights that help you track metrics and make changes to the marketing campaigns you have online. With the aid of Instagram Insights, you are able to evaluate the success of your posts on the platform, followers, Stories, and business promotion campaigns.

Where will you find Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights is an analytics tool that gives you data on your actions and demographics when it comes to your content and followers. With this tool, you are able to evaluate the content and measure all your business promotional campaigns– you can track whether these posts are performing well or not.

Getting started with Instagram Insights

In order to get started with Instagram Insights, you need to have a business account on Instagram. You also have the option of transforming a personal account into a business account on Instagram. When you make this change, you will be able to track insights for the content you post on the platform. In the future, if you convert your business account back to a personal account, you will lose the data given to you by Instagram Insights.

Instagram Insights
Instagram Insights

Where can you find Instagram Insights?

In order to get real Instagram likes, you need to keep track of data and evaluate your posts regularly for success. For beginners, this is the need of the day if you want your business to gain a competitive edge in the long run.

You will find Instagram Insights in 3 places on Instagram. They are-

  1. There is a graphic icon that looks like a bar on the top right corner of the Instagram screen
  2. If you wish to view Instagram Insights for a single post, you need to navigate the cursor on the post and tap on “View Insights” located at the bottom of the page in the left-hand corner
  3. For viewing data on a Story, you have to tap on the names located on the bottom left corner of the page.
Instagram Insights
Instagram Insights

The homepage of Instagram Insights helps you to see the data summary of the content that you have posted in the previous seven days. If you look at the top section of the page, you will get the number of total followers you currently have and the number of followers that you have gathered in the past seven days. Besides the above, you also get the number of posts that you have on your Instagram account and the total number of posts that you have added in the last seven days. The page also gives you an insight with bar graphs that display the total number of impressions, profile views, and reach that your business has managed to achieve in the last seven days.

Therefore, thanks to Instagram Insights, you now have access to the vital data and information that your business needs to gain a competitive edge in the market and more followers.

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