5 Free White Pages Sites


The simplest way to look for a lost friend or relative is via the whitepages. White pages platforms consist of an extensive database that contains people’s names and their respective phone numbers.

Nowadays, whitepages platforms are diverse. Some require that you pay a certain amount to access their services, while others are free. Any can do; however, what differentiates most is the accuracy in the reports.

Free White Pages

Because finding the right one for your needs can be a tough task, here are five free whitepages sites that you need to know.

#1. Zosearch

White Pages
White Pages

At the top of the list, are the whitepages of Zosearch. The site is a reputable site with more than one million users. It has numerous recognitions from major online brands like CNET, Forbes, Top 10 Reviews, and TechRadar.

Zosearch has many services. Their whitepages are user-friendly. Once you go to the page, you will find a form, where you enter the name of the individual the state and city they reside. The system will do everything automatically once you hit search.

Accessing the report is free. The document comes with all the details you would need to recognize the individual. In case of any problems as you use the site, you are free to contact the support team for additional support.

Besides that, Zosearch suggests that you should read the content within site to get more help if the support team fails to reply on time.


#2. Whitepages

If you are into experience, then this is the site to use. It has been in business since 1997. Just like Zosearch, this is one has millions of users; therefore, there are fewer chances of getting an inaccurate report after a search.

Other than that, the site also has extensive features, including a mobile app. You can use the website to find lost people, their address, run background checks, and even know their criminal records. From the various reviews, you need to sign up to use the site. Otherwise, you will not be able to access all the information on the report.

Note that the site is free and quick to use. Hence, you can rely on it.

#3. Zabasearch

Third, on our list is this fantastic site known as Zabasearch. If you are looking for a free whitepages site, this is the website to use.

Unlike Zosearch, if you are into a reputable graphic design, this site will not amaze you. Nevertheless, everything functions flawlessly. You can access all their services from the same point.

Besides that, there is no need for signing up. Once you log into the site, you can start using the website immediately. You will require the name of the person and the state they live into search. All in all, this is an active site.

#4. Anywho

The whitepages platform is another platform with a good reputation. Getting the report does not take unless you have a weak internet connection.

People who use Anywho suggest that the site is safe for users and children as well. One drawback with this site is one. Regardless of its level of accuracy, the website sponsors another site. It uses a referral system, which might lead you to another website. For many, this can be a turnoff.

#5. PeopleFinder

Similar to Zosearch, you can use this site since it is reliable. The whitepages section is user-friendly, and you will need the name of the person, the city, and the state that the individual lives in.

PeopleFinder has millions of users. Other than the whitepages section, this platform has additional services including reverse phone lookup, reverse address, and the Yellow pages section. PeopleFinder is free to use; hence, you should expect a detailed report after a search.


Zosearch Whitepages
Zosearch Whitepages

As much as these whitepages are free, users should ensure that they use them for the right purposes. If you use these resources wrongfully, then there is a considerable chance that you will go into the wrong books if caught by law enforcers.

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