Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications in the world right now. It has over 240 Million daily active users. The social media app has made giant strides and progress since its launch in the year 2011. It has various things to be excited about, like the amazing image filters to click pictures, vanishing chats, 24-hour stories, and many more. It is one of those apps which has unique features to suit the younger generation. Tumblr is also a great app to kill time. Do you know you can even download videos from Tumblr? Pop over here to know how.


This is a write-up where we would tell you 5 of the craziest Snapchats hack you should know and would love to try.

1. Audience Analytics

Snapchat has recently launched this new feature that lets the developers use audience analytics tools to review, analyze, and overview the Story views, View time per week, month, and year. The developer just needs to click on the Bitmoji displayed at the top left corner of the camera screen to use this feature. Then (s)he needs to click on the analytics line and tap at insights to get the details.


2. Identify the song that is played around you

In case you do not know which song is being played around you and you do not want to download a whole app of shazam just to recognize the song, then Snapchat can be of great help to you. Yes, you can shazam songs through the Snapchat app. To use this feature, you just need to hold your finger on the camera screen for a while until a window appears that has shazam written on it, then the window would give you the details of the song. Make sure that the song is played on an audible volume.

Snap Chat Filters
Snap Chat Filters

3. Apply two filters on a picture at once

If you are confused about displaying the temperature at which the picture was taken or giving a blue hue to enhance its beauty, this feature is especially for you. Snapchat allows you to use two distinct filters at once on the same picture. Now the question is, how to do this? To use this feature, first, you need to apply one filter by simply swiping either right or left, and after that, hold the screen with one finger and then swipe either left or right with another to find different filters and choose one of them as your second filter.

snapchat filters

4. Applying a Snapchat lens after taking pictures

Snapchat has recently launched this feature, enabling the user to use the Snapchat lens even after capturing a snap. The way to use this feature is to first click a snap without any Snapchat lens. After that, click on the smiley icon under the paperclip icon, then it will display a range of Snapchat lenses, and you need to just choose from them. One thing worth mentioning is that to use Snapchat lenses after taking the snap, you have to make sure that the whole face is visible in the picture. You can even use Snapchat lenses on your P.C. or Mac. Another hack is that you can also play various games.

Snap Chat Effects
Snap Chat Effects

5. Modify your Snapchat Experience

One of the most annoying and irritating things that many Snapchat users find is its ‘discover page.’ Various useless snaps do not even match the preferences of the users. But, you can change this. Yes, you can tailor your Snapchat experience by yourself by just toggling some options. You have to first go on the viewfinder page, tap on a profile, and then settings. Then look for the option for “manage” and then click on it. There would be two options there, namely “Advert preferences” and “Lifestyle and Interests.” Advert preferences let you toggle with some options to see the ads relevant to you, and the “Lifestyle and Interests” option lets you choose the genre of snaps from memes to action to thriller to short videos and whatnot.

So, these were some of the Snapchat hacks that you might not have known and which may be used to have a better experience of one of the best social media apps out there.