What is animation? Why? How? Know details process of making a 3D computer animation film and lost in a dream world


How are you all? In the present, I have enjoyed with computer animation. The blogs are not written for a long time. So I try myself to write something.

At first, I know something about animation. We always have been seen animation daily. What type of animation can be there, because general, men have no concept about that? Actually, the animation is such a process, through which moving picture is made by running continuously by many image sequence. That means the animation is made by many still images one after another.

Do You Know The Process Of Making  An Animation Film?


So this animation may several types. There are many types of a process of making animation like 2D, 3D, and Stop motion. But one of the main and now we always see on TV or the internet, two types of animation that are:

#1. 2D or Traditional Animation.

#2. 3D Computer Animation.


#1. Introduction of 2D Animation:

We have seen the cartoon like Tom & Jerry, Tarzan, Mina etc. In our childhood, which is 2D animation or traditional animation. These animations are created by drawing. Disney has created all world famous film from this 2D animation studio. Though now Disney creates 3D animation film. Before coming 3D animation, these traditional animations were the greatest of the world. See in Google to know more details.

2d animation

#2. Introduction of 3D Animation:

In the present, everywhere is the triumph of which animation that is 3D animation. In this tune, I will try to say details about this computer animation. Computer animation is created with many software by following several steps. In the present, we see how much 3D animation films of Hollywood, all are computer 3D animation. Kung Fu Panda, Finding Nimo, Toy Story all famous 3D animation film is computer animation. In our childhood, which animation of Mantu Mia’s campaign, we had seen, that was also 3D computer animation.


We knew about 2D and 3D animation in short. See Google knows more details. I have ignored technical parts how much I can. I’m trying to make you understand these matters in easy language. I apologize to those who are experienced.

There is another subject in spite of 2D and 3D animation, we should know about that. That is CG (Computer Graphics) or VFX (Visual Effect). It is like a brother of 3D animation. In other words, CG and 3D animation are related with each other. How much we see an action film, super hero movie of Hollywood, and 50% work of this is CG and VFX. And how much work is there in CG, 70% work on that are 3D computer animation. In other words, who can able to work on computer animation, he can also able to work in the VFX sector if he has wish. Though both sectors are very big.

CG means to say in easy language, made set in computer with a real shot or process of matching animation is CG (Computer Graphics) or VFX. Suppose, superman jumped from 100 floors and falling down by flying. Now how this video is created? Really, he jumps from 100 floors? Not at all, In real superman jumps from the chair and rest part is like 100 floor building, nearby environment, spiritual super power of Superman everything is created through 3D. Then how video clip merges of that computer 3D and real superman, that is VFX magic See below GIF image file, then you will get an idea that how much super hero is inactive of Hollywood without VFX Result of hundred VFX artist’s work juxtaposed with hero’s acting is all movie is a block blaster of Hollywood.

Now come to our main topic that in how 3D computer animation film is created, that’s details process. The details are there of computer animation pipeline in technical language.

Computer Animation Pipeline:

Computer animation work flow is big and complicated. Here I will describe main steps. There are also sub-category of those, about which I will tell you someday in future.

  1. Story
  2. Storyboard
  3. 3D model
  4. Rig
  5. Animation
  6. Light set up
  7. Composite
  8. Final render

The Story of Animation Film:

The story of animation is also very important, like real film. For which reason many animation films of good quality can’t do such benefit in box office only for the story. Finding Nimo of a long time ago or Shrek animation film or our country made Mantu Mia’s expedition-all story has taken place in everyone’s mind, but now among many animation films, the names of those stories has saved in us.

Disneq pixar

Storyboard and Animatic:

The storyboard is a rough visual presentation of the story. Which story is selected as final for the film, publishing that story by pencil sketch or through sketching rough by graphics tablet is the storyboard. In straight language, we have read comics in our childhood that is like a storyboard of film. Cartoon of mad magazine, many popular comics, including Chacha Choudhury, which we have read in childhood that are the best example of a storyboard. The storyboard is not only for animation movie; it is also in real film.


Animators are keeping one after another, each page of this storyboard with voice over, which rough animation is made, that’s name is animatic. The storyboard and animatic everything are done for giving the visual face of the story. There is not the alternative of storyboard to make the story more beautiful. To get more idea you can see the animatic video below of the famous movie Ratatouille movie.

3D Modelling:

Becoming an art of the storyboard and concept, work is starting to give 3D shape of that. Now 3D artists make a character model of animation film. Not only character, but also they make film’s environment, props with several 3D software. Autodesk Maya software is used all over the world. In spite of this, several types of software like 3DS MAX, Zbrush are used also. If anyone want to learn 3D then my advice will be- start to learn with the Autodesk Maya software. Though MAX is more popular in our country.


If you want to work in 3D then you can start with modelling. This is the first step of learning. Generally, those who can make art better they do 3D modelling good. Specially there is not alternative of art at character modelling. But if you don’t know art though you can work if you have wish to do. How this type of 3D character is made, see that sample below in speed art video.



After making character model which step has to complete that name is Rig. How many types of character animation, we see, the contribution of Rigging is in behind that scene? It is not only that the rig is in a man’s character; rig needs for the animating life of any type of animated thing. Actually, the rig is the skeleton or bone of character. Through which movement of all types of character is controlled. I’m sharing my own made rigs and an animation video. Though I learned newly that time and this was my first rig. There is picture including rig at the end of the video. See video below:


Though there is artistic matter in all departments of animation, but the exception is in rig department. No matter is here such artistic, totally technical. Here who has the best coding knowledge? Because at the time of making the rig, many types of the script can be used, which coder can make easily. Python, mail, script, programming language is used. But rig can be done without coding knowledge. If you know the code, then it will be an advantage for you. How could be demo reel? To know that see video below.


My favourite and which is difficult department that is animation. I’m saying it’s difficult because the quality of an animation film depends on animation quality. We like animation film of Hollywood, the reason of this is only one! Their character seems totally alive; I don’t think that those are the 3D object. It seems really that fish from Finding Nimo talks like that That is a big credit of an animator. There is very few character animator in Bangladesh. Many days need to learn animation and they have to practice year after year.

Character animation is giving life to the character. In other words, giving life to rigging 3D model by animating through several movements. One animator has drawing sense, acting knowledge and good knowledge about software. Let’s take a look an animation video clip of a studio in Bangladesh, where previous steps of making animation including animation clip has been shown:


Light Setup:

There is such light, camera, action in the real film like that animation film has also light, camera. The difference is it has to do totally inside the software. In reality, there is sunlight, but in animation, film, light has to set up like sunlight. It is possible to change from the normal 3D environment with the extraordinary environment with several types of light. In animation movie, we see character very soft, means it seems soft body, which totally lies of lighting. There is no alternative to wonderful lighting for bringing filmy look. Let’s take a look demo reel of lighting:

Composting and Final Render:

After becoming light set up, composite’s work is done as a final touch. There are several types of special effect, colour correction including many types of work, which make the final animation film more extraordinary.

Render is such a subject which is a nightmare for many people. It is possible to make animation in our country, but it seems it is not possible to render in Bangladesh. Anyway, the render is final output of 3D file and transforming video file as seeing that movie. How much time will need to render, I give that’s small example. Suppose it will need time 10 minutes to make image render, though 10 minutes time needs, then it will take time 24 frame for 1-minute animation, in other words, 24 images x 10 minutes time. That means it will need almost 4 hours for 1-second animation render. Then how much time will need to make an animation film render in 1.30 hours? Though Hollywood animation film render takes much more time per frame. Then solution? The solution is renders farm. Where through networking hundred computers are connected together and render also. See below the picture of render farm:


This is a short process of animation film. There are division, department between this, but here I have tried to mention main subjects. Do you know about the correct pipeline of animation film? Then see a pipeline of world famous dreams work, then you will get to understand hundred artists work in the Hollywood films.

 At last after sharing work so beautifully I shared a normal work. I am in animation field from not many days. So forgive me for my mistakes.

I tried to tune from more time. You can inform any type of opinion.

Thank you all.