How is your website performing at Social Media? Judge it with Social Media Analytic Tool


We who maintain our websites for them, it’s a very tough challenge to research about visitors. Without visitors, a website does not any value. At the present time, to bring visitors social media is an important medium. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, twitter, google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media can bring lots of visitors.

It is very essential to know how your websites are performing in social Media. It will help you to fix the strategy with the social Media and it is totally a perfect site which can increase the visitors to your site.

What is a Social Media Analytic Tool?

Checking the reports of all the social media every day is a very time consuming affair. And all social media don’t discuss in detailed. For me, the statistics of the Facebook page is incomplete.

The Social Media Analytic tool is such a tool which shows you a report on the every Social Media for your website. As a result, in a very short time all reports, check and the combination of all social media make your task very easy.


The performance of my site in all social media

Quaintly is such a social analytic tool. By this, you can track the campaigning of your website in the social media. Not only that, you also measure that how much is your website can look ahead or behind from other websites which helps you to build up a proper strategy.

Below, I have shared the Facebook performance of my competitors:

Social Media Analytic

The things which you will get in this tool:

  • The analytics of the visitors who are coming from Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media.
  • It gives the advantage to check all the social media.
  • To examine the statistics of the every social media in detailed.
  • To judge the performance of the every contestants’ statistics, the source of the visitors in social media.

How do you get it?

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To survive in this competitive market, you have to be ahead from any angles. Social Media may be the source of getting the visitors on your website. Hopefully, you handle this opportunity very well.

Happy Analyzing!

Thank You!

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