Top wholesale business management tools


If you are a wholesaler, you must know that business management can be quite challenging. You need efficient tools and processes to run your wholesale business successfully. Here, we have some of the most useful and efficient tools for you.

So, shall we begin?

In a wholesale business, you manage different tasks, including picking, packing, shipment, and product delivery. If you fail to manage these tasks effectively, then your business might suffer.

Business management tools
Business management tools

Luckily, there are some business tools and tips that can help you manage your wholesale business. Let’s check them out below;

What is a business management tool?

The business management tools include controls, software, applications, systems, or methodologies that help you manage your daily business tasks. The purpose of business tools is to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and growth of your business.

The best tools for wholesale business management

Tools for wholesale business management
Tools for wholesale business management

The following are the top three tools to manage your wholesale business:

1.  Inventory management software (IMS)

The first and most useful business tool is an inventory management system. An organized inventory is what assures the smooth running of your business. An inventory management software helps you track your products, orders, shipment, delivery, and other details.

Which inventory management software to choose?

The market is exploding with different kinds of inventory management software. Selecting the best IMS for your wholesale business can become tricky. We suggest that you choose an IMS that comes with maximum functionalities, such as SeeBiz Inventory. Let’s learn more about SeeBiz Inventory below:

SeeBiz Inventory
SeeBiz Inventory

The SeeBiz Inventory helps you in tracking and managing your products. You can track your order from confirmation till delivery with the help of this IMS. The SeeBiz Inventory comes with many unique features. Let’s check some of them below;

  • You can import, export, and communicate with your business contacts within the inventory.
  • You can assign a tracking number to your products and get a notification whenever your products reach the reorder point.
  • You can get a daily report of your business activities. These reports will help you in analyzing your business growth.
  • You can assign people to use the SeeBiz Inventory management software. You will have the option to assign a particular role to every assigned member of your team. This way, you can connect all departments of your company within the system.
  • The best part about SeeBiz Inventory is that you can access all the premium features for free for three months.

2.  Operational management tool

To manage your wholesale business efficiently, you should have an operational management tool. One of the best operational management tools is BeeBusy. This business tool can help your business in many ways, including the following:

Operational management tool
Operational management tool
  • It can make project management easier and simpler for your company’s managers.
  • Quality control and inspection can help you determine the quality of the products in your inventory. You can also detect faulty items with this operation management tool.
  • You might need some equipment maintenance strategies to keep your product’s quality intact. This business tool can also help you with that.
  • With the help of Beebusy, different departments of your company can communicate with each other.

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3.  Customer service tools

Your customers are the backbone of your wholesale business. Keeping your customers satisfied and connected with your products should be your priority. That is why it is imperative to have a customer service tool like Hubspot. It is one of the most used business tools for customer service management.

Customer service tools

You can develop marketing strategies with the help of demographics obtained by Hubspot. It makes the management of your business more efficient and easier. The best features of customer management tools should include chats, ticketing, and reports.


Managing a wholesale business is never easy, but it can be simpler with the help of business tools. You can use the business tools mentioned above to keep your wholesale business organized. Do let us know which business tool is the most essential in your viewpoint.

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