There are Much Needed 30 Tools for Web Site Designer and Owner


You will get to know how web page is made by 30 needed tools which has discussed in below, for this what tools will need, where you will get, how it is uploaded, managing tools, the popularity scale and how to register at search engine etc. Those who want to work with a web page, I hope it will work for them.

Let’s know about some Much Needed 30 Tools for Web Site Designer and Owner.


#1. Tools of Making Web Page:

  1. Dreamweaver– It is very famous for making web site package.
  2. Hot script– It is an open script for attractive your site. (Free)
  3. HTML Kit– It is a tool of coding web pages.
  4. Auto Replace– It is a tool for changing web page texts easily. (Free)
  5. Namo Web Editor– It is a tool for making website.
  6. Notepad++– It is a more advanced version of notepad. (Free)
  7. Serif Web Plus– It is a software for making web page.


#2. Graphic Design Tools:

  1. Adobe Photoshop– It is a famous software for image editing.
  2. Cooltex– It is a tool for making online logo graphics. (Free)
  3. Irfanview– It is an image editing software. (Free)
  4. Pixy– It is a tool for knowing HTML of any colour. (Free)
  5. Serif Draw Plus– It is a tool of graphics editing software.

Graphic Design Tools

#3. Web Site Management Tools:

  1. Contribute– It is a tool for updating site and blog easily.
  2. Coffecupfree FTP– web site upload and management (Free)
  3. Email check– It is a tool for verifying that if spammers see your website email address. (Free)
  4. Firefox Web developer Extension– It is a tool for making or publishing web site. (Free)
  5. Filezilla– Web site files upload and management. (Free)
  6. Link Popularity– For verifying how much your website is famous to search engine. (Free)
  7. Alexa Toolbar– For information on Alexa site. (Free)
  8. Link Browser- For verifying how your site will show in a text browser. (Free)
  9. W3C Validator- For verifying coding scale of your page. (Free)

#4. Flash Animation:

  1. Flash Pro: It is a software for making premier flash.
  2. Swice Max- It is a tool for making flash file.
  3. Affordex- For making flash sight easily by using a template.
  4. DVIO- Taking in AVI from Digital camera.  (Free)
  5. Cool Moves– Making flash animation easily.
  6. Turbine Encoder: Changing in streaming flash from video. (Free)

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