Seven part-time jobs to earn fame and money.


Once in a while, we all think of becoming a person who can bear everything we like. We always want to purchase something that we wish to without seeing the price tag.

Obviously, there are no pools of money in life. But definitely, you can earn money if you are willing to put in the extra effort. Hard work, persistence and potentiality is essential to achieve anything in life. You can not just dream about the goals; you also need to plan and accomplish them.

Part Time Job
Part Time Job

Most of the time, students suffer because of a shortage of money to satisfy their basic needs of food and shelter. International students will often share a room and take a student loan; getting extra income is necessary and essential for them. 

Especially finding part-time jobs in the USA for students has become highly challenging because the USA is a home for high numbered international students. Most students get their education completed in the USA. But what about their basic leaving and education expenses? Not to worry, here are some part-time jobs to earn money:

  1. Marketing professionals 

To become successful in any field, you need focus and passion. One of the best jobs that give you extra income and fame is the marketing field. Marketing professionals will be creating campaigns for products or ideas for promotion. Most have an assumption that it’s a low paying job. But whichever area you opt keeping yourself updated is essential and essential to see better growth.

Marketing Professional
Marketing Professional

The more skilled and experienced you are higher will be your package. Marketing managers earn an average of $136,850 as a starting package annually

Bachelors or masters in marketing or business administration is preferred. But many companies accept candidates with only bachelors if they are well skilled in marketing. 

2. IT and Software Engineer 

The growth of the IT sector has made a path for individuals to build a better career. It is clear that IT jobs are ranked among some of the highest paying careers in the universe. 

With the expansion of digital platforms and rapid mechanization, it’s hard to imagine a world without software engineers, programmers, coders many more. There are diverse opportunities in this profession, depending on individual skills and talent, and there is no limit to growth. 

Salary starts from $85,660 to $100,000 per annum

3. Delivery driver 

The delivery driver is responsible for picking up your orders and safely delivering them to your respective destination. Delivery driver jobs depend on who they work and may also involve planning routes to assure an effective delivery trip, even documentation of goods delivered.

Delivery driver
Delivery driver

Candidates need to have a driver’s license. Most companies also like to see a good driving record or need applicants to take up a driving test. 

You can expect $15.68 per hour. Also, you get a specific incentive by completing assigned trips. 

After the pandemic started, most people are losing their jobs, and even with job leading, basic life has become highly challenging for many. Mainly in Australia, the pandemic crisis has a high impact on the Australian job market. Getting a part-time job in Covid-19 in Australia can be easy if you are interested in healthcare, retail or delivery jobs. 

4. Entrepreneur 

Entrepreneurs think of business, then create and manage them to sell the company for avail. They may begin anything from small retail shops to high technology companies. A business that is successfully running can make a lot of money become a great entrepreneur. They can invest their money into unique ideas for startups to continue profitability. 

These professionals may not need professional education. But a degree in business or finance is essential to have a strong foundation in business strategy. 

The average salary of $68,904 per year. 

5. Nanny 

Nanny is responsible for taking care of children, feeding, bathe and putting children to sleep. They as well arrange activities, help children with studies and make them play.


The average salary can be $15.29 per hour. A person should be able to travel and should have some experience in taking care of the baby. 

6. Customer care representative 

Customer service representatives need to communicate with customers in the name of a company. Communication can be through face to face or via phone, or email. They need to ensure customer issues are appropriately addressed, and feedback is delivered to the right team. 

The salary for a customer representative will be $13.48 per hour. There will be extra incentives if targets are achieved on time. 

A high school diploma would do for this job. But some companies also look for a license if in finance or insurance. A basic need for this job is you need to have good communication. 

7. Security Officer

Security officers will be taking care of the certain space of the business. They will be taking care of buildings, reporting security breaches or any violations that occur. Also, they will be under constant observations of security cameras.

Security Officer
Security Officer

A basic high school diploma is enough for this job. Most businesses also look for a driver’s license again to do background verification. 

The average salary for this is $13.16 per hour. 

In conclusion

Getting a part-time job is not rocket science. There are tons of options you can explore. The very purpose of part-time jobs is to earn some quick cash. However, if you find something you actually like, you can actually use the opportunity to boost your career and steer it in the direction you want. 

I hope that these strategies and job sectors would be useful for those who are looking for lucrative earning options in this pandemic. Good luck with your job search!

Mary Jones is the co-founder and editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades, which focuses on career counselling for university students in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Mary also helps with writing college application essays and assignments to guide students through a range of University courses and certifications. When free, she loves to read inspirational novels and biographies.