Necessary Parts of our human body


Today I am talking about our human body. Here I am preparing a list of all necessary and important things & parts of our human body. So friends, let’s have a look at this list and know the all information which you don’t know.

Necessary Parts of our human body

Necessary Parts of our human body

 Number of bones – 206.
 Number of ribs – 24.
 Number of bones in skull – 22.
 Number of bones in face – 14.
 Number of bones in neck – 7 .
 Number of bones in Vertebral column – 33.
 Number of bones in hand – 30 .
 Respiratory rate – 16-20 times / minute .
 Number of heart beat – 70-72 times/minute.
 Number of pulse- 70-72 times / minute .
 Blood pressure – 120/80 mm of Hg.
 Number of Cranial nerves – 12 pairs .
 Number of spinal nerves – 31 pairs .
 Life span of R.B.C – 120 days .
 Life span of W.BC – 10-15 Days .
 Life span of platelets – 5-9 days.
 Amount of blood – 5-6 Liter

This all parts are related to our human body.

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