Lets Celebrate Every Moment of Our Life


On 23rd February, Amal and Priyanka had their 5th Anniversary, but due to the pressure of office work, both of them forgot to celebrate. They had promised each other that they will celebrate their upcoming anniversary together. I do not know if they can keep their promise, maybe this time also due to the pressure of office work they will promise to celebrate it next time.

Celebrate Every Single Moment Of Your Life

Celebrate Every Single Moment Of Your Life
Celebrate Every Single Moment

Actually, nowadays we all are so busy that we forget to give ourselves time. And when we are not able to give ourselves time, how can we celebrate the special moments and little happiness of our life. It’s not like, we do not have the way, there are ways, but we are losing the ability to feel it while running in accordance with time. Through this video, we are trying, so that you can celebrate every moment like your childhood days. If you really do not want to waste the rest of your life, if you want to celebrate every smallest moment, then watch this video till the end.

But, friends, if you don’t want to read this article, then you may watch our video until the end. We’ve made the video on this topic in the three languages (English, Hindi & Bengali).

Remember, when we were a kid, we used to celebrate every moment of our life, whether it was small or big. At childhood many people play football, many people play cricket, maybe you had played such games at childhood, close your eyes and think once about that time, you have the ball and the players of the opponent team are in front of you, taking the ball from them, you made a goal, or 6 runs are needed in 1 ball and you made a sixer in the last ball, Then what you used to do? Surely, you used to be very happy, or would you use to remain sad by thinking that- you made this goal but who knows whether or not it will happen next time, or you won this match but whether you will win again or not? Surely you did not use to think like that, isn’t it? Only right after making the goal or winning the match, you used to run and used to celebrate the moment at its fullest.

Kids Are Enjoying
Kids Are Enjoying

Many friends are running together to catch a cut-out kite while running, one of them slipped into the drain, seeing him coming out of the drain, at that moment everyone laughed, the fun everyone used to enjoy that is a celebration. While having lunch you are laughing thinking about that incident, also while watching TV you are laughing thinking about the same incident and seeing you laughing, everyone at your house is calling you crazy, still, you continue to laugh. Thousands of these small moments we have all celebrated at childhood, but slowly when we grow up, we forget to celebrate, to enjoy these little moments.

Kids are catching kites

Can you say? When did you last celebrated at any moment, the way you used to celebrate at childhood? You cannot say, because we did not celebrate any moment the way we used to celebrate earlier.

Let’s give an example – when we were in the College, for three years, we thought that, the day we will get the degree, we will get 1st Class; we will celebrate on that day. And when we get the degree and also get 1st class, then rather than celebrating the moment we do think about something else, that we will celebrate after getting the job. The day I had to celebrate, I thought of Job on that day. For three years we have waited, that this moment will come and we will celebrate, and when that moment comes, we let it go, and catch any other moment.

Celebrate every single moment of your life
College Degree

But why do we leave this beautiful moment? Because we have a misconception that, when the occasion will come celebration will be done on its own, and that is why Amal and Priyanka’s Anniversary was not celebrated any year. Actually, we do not try to understand that the day we will celebrate our little moments, that day will be an occasion itself, rest will be left only as dates on the calendar.

So friends, as you have earned a lot of money in life, and will also earn more, but when the moment is about to celebrate if that does not happen then that moment will not come again, and new Wish will also not come again. So if you are thinking that you will dance in your best friend’s wedding, then do not think much about it, and dance at that moment.

Celebrate every single moment of your life
Celebrate every single moment of your life

Because one by one, as soon as your wish will be fulfilled, one new wish will be born after that, first celebrate the wish which is being fulfilled, after that, you will have a new wish, “पिक्चर अभी बाकि है मेरे दोस्त”… Let’s celebrate every moment of our life….

So friends, what are you thinking after reading this article or watching this video? That is, what I said was true; if I say so, please do not forget to celebrate every moment from now onwards………………… And those who forget share this video with them. See you again next Saturday at 7 pm in the evening, with something new. Till then, Think Positive, Do Positive & Go Ahead. —– Thank You!

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