How Your Company Size Influences Your SEO Strategy


While the size of your company determines your SEO strategy, what influences the search engine strategy that you take is the objectives and goals that you set for your business. When that is crystal clear, get ready to grab the marketing opportunities and resources that you come across to boost your company’s website. However, you need to set a budget for SEO investment. Let’s find out some of the things that influence your SEO strategy below:

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Strategy
Search Engine Strategy
  1. Budget

If you are running a small or a middle-sized business, you’ve probably set a minimal budget for marketing. Sometimes it may feel insignificant to advertise, with no chance of making a dent in the SEO rankings. Most business start-ups are product-driven and use channels like virality. However, the brick-and-mortar can use the local affordable SEO services, do branding, and also try the Google AdWord, which works fine.

The medium-sized companies might have more prominent websites, unlike the small business, thus requiring a technical search engine optimization. A comprehensive website audit can be something to start with, as you plan to launch your content. Due to the challenges, small and middle-sized companies may not focus much on an SEO campaign because of the budget.

  1. Marketing

Big companies like (B2B) business to business, and (B2C) business connecting buyers with sellers, need to do more marketing than small websites. Since they have no issue with the budget, they have the scope to run an SEO campaign. In business to business, their main concentration is content marketing, creating content that needs a bit of pushing on social media platforms for the promotion. Another one is technical SEO, which focuses more on crawling, internal linking, and rendering.

Their main advantage is, they can afford various aspects of marketing. They, however, need to be vigilant to monitor the content they post to uphold the company’s reputation. Another thing they should watch out for is how to maintain the quality of their content. Fortunately, it cannot be a challenge because the budget is there, while those on a low budget may find other affordable ways of marketing.

Nevertheless, some B2B companies, like Trello, are using scalable inventory, open boards for the public with their recipes to increase SEO traffic and scale high.

  1. Social media

Today both small and large companies are using social media for business marketing. They have discovered the impact it has on advertising their business. Traffic-driving force is a considerable influence that may occur from social media. It is an important ranking factor as it provides visibility to the content on your website. It happens when people start sharing content across their networks. In the process of keyword searches, users can view your site, which results in quality traffic.

In case you are searching for a particular page, social media can provide you with search results. It is, therefore, paramount to have your social media page optimized with the right keywords, to enhance your visibility. A tool like SpyFu is useful to look for the keywords that your competitors are using to get better ranking and more clicks. It is a perfect impact on your business that hardly costs much.

  1. Teamwork

Regardless of your company’s size, you need to have a team to work with you for the interest of your business. You don’t have to stay awake worrying about how you can increase traffic. Work with a team of experts who can help your site rank high. The good news is, SEO runs 24/7. It may feel expensive, but in essence, it decreases your acquisition cost.

Most successful companies work with a team of experts to improve their site’s performance and have better SERPS.  What you need to do first is to take the right approach towards getting what your company needs. Then you can focus on the SEO areas necessary for your business. A small company may be tight on budget, but there are affordable SEO services they can use. Whether you are dealing with content marketing or technical SEO, be efficient. In the long run, you will realize that your company’s success depends on the team you have.

  1. How to get on the first page?

When you apply SEO in your business, it builds trust. Everybody turns to Google when they quickly need to find something. Since 37% clicks happen on the 1st organic listing, and your page should be among those on top. So, how do you get there? Simple, hire affordable SEO services that help both small and big companies alike. The result will be a significant influence on your audience as your page appears on the first page.

SEO Strategy
SEO Strategy

Important SEO influences to consider in your company website

  • Crawling: Large companies need to ensure that Google can crawl and render the volume of pages they carry. The major crawling drivers apply to internal links used to distribute both external and internal PageRank. Ultimately, the mission here is for Google to find all relevant pages.
  • Rendering: It is crucial for those websites built on frameworks such as Javascript, and React. You don’t want your site to render client-site because it can significantly cost your ranking. Consider optimizing the rendering components primarily if you deal with big platforms.
  • Site speed: Now that you have your website running, how efficient is it? A site can be a significant challenge, especially for big sites. It is also necessary to boost a small company’s website because you don’t want to compromise the traffic, which largely depends on the site’s speed. Use tools that help enhance the speed of your website, such as GTmetrix.

For microsite, integrating your site with AMP for mobile can benefit your site more since it is what the majority are using. Both sizes of companies need to utilize this, which should not be costly. Google has started ranking websites optimized with mobiles.

  • Schema markup: A code that you put in your site to help your search engine provide you with more information regarding your users. It helps to interpret and parse info more effectively. It also scales your traffic. Other structured formats that are important here include; pricing, star reviews, events, recipes, job posting, and product. Using this code boosts your SERP.

It is good to be careful when using the structured markup because some may cause a drop in traffic, as users find answers they are looking for in search results.

Company’s influence on SEO Strategy

As long as your products and service are viable, your leads will go up. But that’s not all that matters. Having an SEO strategy is crucial to all business sizes. A small company is said to have generated over $103,510.98 from the SEO result in five months only. The company made more than it could because it invested in SEO.

In conclusion, whether small, medium, or large, every company needs to invest in an SEO strategy to maximize the traffic required from the search engine. The only challenge that influences the size of the company is the budget. While large companies can afford the resources needed to enhance their website, medium companies can use affordable SEO services.