How to control a PC remotely through the Internet? Best 4 Remote Control Software


In my previous article, I showed you, how to manage a PC remotely via Internet.  But, There are 4 awesome free software through which your friend can control your PC remotely!!

You control your friend’s PC. Don’t think that it is a hacking tips, actually in present time it is a useful thing. Most of the time we don’t stay in the home or in the country, if that time your PC gets any problem, and your friend knows the solution of this problem. Today, which software I will share, using that and entering your friend’s PC you can solve that problem. But, for that just we need better net speed. Anyway, there are 4 software in below, I hope it will be used by you anytime.

#1 Team Viewer

Everybody knows it is very outstanding and its usage also so easy. Just seeing it a few times you can use it. You have to install the same versions in two PCs for using it and you will take your friend’s ID and Password. Then you can easily control your friend’s PC with your PC. You can share files and many things like your PC (By using Team Viewer, you can operate your friend’s PC and also share files and other works can also be operated by you). You have to click here to download Team Viewer.


#2 Ammyy Admin

I have used this. The size of this software is very small and the use of this software is very easy. Using it you can easily control your friend’s PC like the above mentioned software. You have to click here to download.

remote control

#3 LiteManager

Though I don’t use this software till now, but it is also a very popular one. As you will use this software so you download the free version of it. You have to use it same as before. I hope there will be no problem to use it. But, the size of this software is quite large, but not so much, it’s just 16 MB. You have to click here to download.

remote control pc

#4 Screenleap

It is also a very funny and free software for screen sharing. You may use this software at least ½ hours daily and I think, it is enough also. The use of it is very easy and you will use it with free of cost. For that just download and install them and search the rest part same as before, then you will get it easily. You have to click here to download.

share computer screen

I hope you will like these software. But I think among them most of the people know first two software or you may know all of these software. But I think, these software are unknown for new users.

If you like this article, then share it with your friends. And if you get any problem, then comment it below.

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