Here’s A Quick Way To Find A Suitable Petrol Pump Software Online For Trading


Petrol is the most essential component when it comes to powering a vehicle. There are a number of petrol pumps in India but just a few are equipped with a comprehensive petrol pump software to manage the entire business, starting from nozzle count to inventory management. A petrol pump management software helps in easing out the business operations without the over-dependence on manual labour.Petrol Pump Software

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Petrol Pump Software

Petrol and diesel have a dynamic pricing system and an evaporating nature which makes the management all the more difficult. To increase the efficiency of the business, a petrol pump software online is absolutely essential. But to choose a suitable one a number of factors need to be considered such as:

  • Integrated Accounting and Billing
    This is a must-have attribute in any petrol pump management software online as it helps outlet employees to easily manage and keep a track of the accounts on a daily basis. You can generate bills and receipts instantly and it works in tandem with online payment options, making the task easier.

  • Inventory Control
    A slight discrepancy in inventory can account for a huge loss in the petrol business. To counter this, an inventory control feature in the software is absolutely essential. It not only keeps a record of the inventory but also considers meter and sales records to arrive at the inventory numbers more efficiently. You can also generate MIS reports through this feature.

  • Sales Management
    If this feature is present in a petrol pump software online, users can maintain fuel sales register and challan registers automatically. Employees get equipped with smart sales strategies to improve sales numbers. You can also check whether your software is integrated with sales and analytics verticals.
  • Data Protection
    The software must provide you with secure end-to-end encryption of customer data so that it doesn’t get leaked. You can restrict access to the data for comprehensive protection. The best option is choosing a cloud-based software that manages the task effectively.

Top Petrol Pump Software You Can Use

There are many petrol pump software which serves a number of purposes. The main purpose served is automation to eliminate manual labour. Some of the top petrol pump software are:

  • Petrol Pump Accounting in Tally
    This petrol pump software consists of options like Customer Wise Billing, along with auto sales generation and Online Payment Gateways. The key features are MIS Report generation and guidance to stakeholders for devising smart decisions. Lubricants and Purchase Management, security features such as password protection is provided through the software. You can also manage the payroll of your business through this application.
  • Petro Genius
    It provides accurate meter reading, evaporation loss testing and lubricant sales. Some of the key features of the software include meter and dip reading, graphical generation of reports, specific report analysis with respect to bills and items. Accounting, stock and inventory management, as well as sales management, is effectively managed through this software. Petro Genius offers CRM management solutions, such as the delivery of bulk SMS and reminder facility.
  • LePetro
    This software is available in two versions – the professional and the standard. Both of them are customizable and user-friendly. The inventory tracking feature helps in monitoring the quantity of petrol and miscellaneous items including motor oil, CNG, etc. It has a powerful security system and an effective shift and manpower management for employee optimization.
  • Oilex
    This software helps you to handle back-office operations through its simple billing and customer management features. One can check the customer’s monetary history and set a credit limit. Some of the important functions that the software serves are cash flow management, payroll processing and GST report generation.
  • Softgun
    This is another petrol pump software online which caters to different petrol pump needs like meter dip reading and generation of analysis reports. The prime attributes of this software are touch screen memo for cash memo generation, notifications through SMS for sending payment reminders to customers and payroll processing.
  • Petro ERP
    Petro ERP helps users with accounting, billing, setting a credit limit for the customers, and many others. It provides automatic data protection for enhanced security. Some of the key takeaway points are its ability to calculate the amount of impurity in petrol in ppm (parts per million). The software eases out the process of GST calculation and accounting through its inbuilt accounting management and tally integration features. Loyalty programs like the provisions for offering discounts are inbuilt, which can be given to membership cardholders for customer retention and satisfaction.
  • HiTech Petrol Pump Software
    This software can streamline business processes to help your petrol business flourish. Its detailed analytics helps in easing out accounting processes. Report generation is possible to keep a tab on the crucial indicators related to the business. Users can create a database to keep an eye on the employees and an OCX UI for editing data.
  • Alomart
    Alomart is protected via password which helps in customer data protection. The option of both inkjet and laser printing is possible through the software. You can manage ledger accounts and balance sheets of your petroleum business. One can automate the management procedures of machine readings, the volume of sales in a month and Tally through Alomart. Users can generate cash and item-wise billing, and make flaw-free automatic dip calculations. Business owners can get reports for sales and rate variation through Alomart.


The above-mentioned software is some of the popular petrol pump software online. However, there are many others that assist users in managing their petroleum business effectively without any hassles and over-dependence on employees. But care must be taken while choosing any software. It must provide data safety, automatic dip reading, billing, inventory and customer management. Some of the others like PumpMate provides data backup facility for emergency purposes, multiple stock valuation, etc. PumpCount is another such application that offers billing and invoicing, stock management, accounting and taxation for negative cash management, and customer trial balance. The onus lies exclusively on the owners regarding the choice of the software for commercial trading.

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