Free QR Code & Barcode Reader for Windows


Want to read QR Code or Bar Code on your Windows PC? You’ve no webcam? Free QR Code & Bar Code Reader for Windows PC – No webcam is needed, download the most popular software now.

The Best Offline QR Code and Barcode Reader for Windows

barcodereader for windows

Top 3 Free alternatives of Adobe Reader For Computer

The name of this freeware software is “Bytescout BarCode Reader“. If you have any scan file of Barcode or QR Code in JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PDF format, then you can read this file with “Bytescout BarCode Reader”. BarCode Reader can be used to read barcode from a Web Camera.

Can QR Codes or BAR codes Spread Computer Viruses?

Learn, how to read barcode with “Bytescout BarCode Reader” in Windows

Before starting, generate a file of the barcode with an online barcode generator. You can check this online QR Code and Barcode Generator.

Learn more, about: How to read barcode images in Windows?

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