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From many years, the day of Guru Purnima in India is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. It is still followed in many places around the country. Especially in the Hindi dialect, in the spiritual area and in the field of classical music and dance where the tradition of Guru-disciple is still prevailing.

Guru Purnima
Guru Purnima

In the neighboring country Nepal, this day of the Aaashadh month (Jun-July) is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. It is said that the author of Mahabharat, Vedas or Vyas Dev was born on this day of Guru Purnima. Therefore, remembering the birth date of Vyasdev, that day is also known as “Vyass Purnima”. it is also prevalent that– after Buddhadev was enlightened by Bodhi, he promoted the religion first time in Sarnath on this day. And according to the faith of the Jain people, Mahavira gave the first initiation on this auspicious day. But nowadays in most places 5th September the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is celebrated as Teacher’s Day, because he was an ideal example of a perfect teacher, he had fights with all the obstacles and took education to a different level, which has shown us new direction in the field of education, and has increased our understanding towards education. That’s why he is unique from the best teachers of all time, that’s why everyone believes him as a Guru.

Henry Lui Vivian Derozio
Henry Lui Vivian Derozio

But we have not talked is the rationalist thinker and youth party or Young Bengal team’s only hero Henry Louis Vivian Derozio. only at the age of 17, he was appointed as an ideal teacher to teach English and history in the Hindu College. As a teacher confined to inside the classroom. To create curiosity, encouragement, interest and attention within the students, he used to discuss with the students and show them new directions. His greatest quality at the time of teaching was that he would cooperate very easily with the students and easily understand the students. That’s why in less time he has succeeded in filling up unlimited enthusiasm within his students and In the mind of young Hindu students the emancipation of the world which they cultivated had inspired the later generation and had a lasting influence on the social view of Bengali Hindu sect. The enthusiasm still spread to the student’s mind. The way Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has been living within the mind of every human being in the same way, as an ideal teacher Derozio has also touched the heart of every student with his unlimited qualities.

Anyways friends, today we will discuss about what qualities an ideal teacher must have and by which qualities the teacher will be considered by all the students as an ideal teacher.

What qualities an ideal teacher must have?

But we’ve made 3 videos on this topic in the three languages (English, Hindi and Bengali). If you want then you may watch the video.

Hindi Version

Bengali Version

Before starting I want to say that…

The aim of this video is not to give knowledge to any teacher. This video is for those who want to become teachers in the future. That is, this video is for all the students who are dreaming of being a teacher in the future.

Then let’s know what qualities should be there in an ideal teacher.

If we talk about Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam sir then we will see that there is no shortage of qualities in him, till now I have not found any bad quality in him. If you talk about the qualities of an ideal teacher there will be no end to it. Therefore we are talking about 10 best qualities here, which are at least necessary to be in a teacher.

#1. A teacher should be a good person

Teacher with students
Teacher with students

Only having intense knowledge does not mean that he is an ideal teacher, to be an ideal teacher, first, it is important to be a good person. A good person i.e. a teacher will be the master of the good mind. If the students do not understand anything about the subject, they will not feel disturbed even in explaining them thousands of times. if needed, they will also explain them outside the classroom.

He will be patient, will never easily rage.

#2. Impartiality

Ideal Teacher
Teacher giving importance

Above all, a teacher will give equal importance to all the students with the same view. which means he will be honest. He will never bring the state of mind that, a girl and a boy is different from each other. and he would never want to explain it through his work that he is giving more opportunities to the girl or the boy. each student will be equal to them.

#3. Freedom of Expression

Lady teacher
Lady teacher with kids

Give each student the freedom to express their views. It is not that in the fear of a teacher that a student feels nervous to ask him questions. A Teacher should always provide opportunities to the students and encourage them, so that, questions arise in their minds and they can learn it through the teacher. Apart from this, the teacher himself should ask some questions to them so that they get an opportunity to express themselves.

#4. Honesty

Honest Teacher
Honest Teacher

We have been listening to this since childhood that – HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. But as we grow up, it is lost somewhere. To save a lie, we speak a thousand more lies. This will not happen, so the teachers will have to be honest and teach the same to the students, that whatever they do, be honest in that work. Even if he makes a mistake he can say it honestly. Which means that the teacher will have to be loyal and he will also teach students to work loyally. Because, honesty is the best policy for every kind of work.

#5. Humanity

Ideal teachers believe in one religion
Believe in one religion

Above religious prejudice a teacher should believe in one religion, that is the human religion, where one helps the other. It is important to provide education regardless of caste, religion and color. Because everyone has the right to education. The teacher should awaken humanity within the students so that they can always come forward with the help of each other.

#6. Hidden Talent

Teacher is giving a chance to showcase their talents
Teacher With Student

An Ideal Teacher finds out the hidden talent inside the student. The teacher is the only person who can understand the child’s mind, and is the first person to see the hidden talent within his students. By promoting the student he brings out his hidden talent. So, if you are a teacher give the students a chance to showcase their talents.

#7. Love to Interact with Children

Teacher with Kid

An ideal teacher always likes to interact with the students. Interaction can be done not only in the class but also outside the class. If someone is not able to study in the classroom, do not neglect him, rather try to know why the student is not able to study, talk to him and try to solve his problem through the conversation.

#8. Curiosity of Learning

Curiosity of Learning
Curiosity of Learning

Always raise curiosity among the students and inspire them to do creative activities. They always raises their feelings through creative questions. While teaching in class, give them real examples and relate them to the subject so that their interest increases further. As if teaching about Sunderbans, you can show some videos of the Sundarbans to the students, then by watching the features through their own eyes, the interest will increase in the children as well, so will the interest in the subject also increases. Apart from this, using a story to explain chapter can make the chapter even more interesting.

#9. Reservoir of Knowledge and Leadership Techniques


And the quality which is very important to be in a teacher is – the teacher will be a stock of knowledge and will have leadership power in them. As in Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. In addition, to bring knowledge among the students, the teacher will teach them how to take responsibility and how to manage them. Before teaching a subject, he should have done a good research about it.

#10. Become a Fighter


An ideal teacher will be a fighter, he will defeat all the obstacles coming in the way of fulfilling his dreams so that one can see them and become a fighter of his students. While teaching everything to the students, they will also teach how to handle problems, how to stay stable for their goals.

Along With these 10 qualities, the quality without which a teacher can never be a great or an ideal teacher is the ability to forgive. which means an ideal teacher will be able to forgive. the way Small children make mistakes in a similar way students also make many mistakes but according to a teacher, to improve that mistake and forgive the student is a Teacher’s great virtue.

So, friends, these were the 10 main features of an ideal teacher. But talking about an ideal teacher can never be ended, and it will not be possible to finish it in a small video. because an ideal teacher is the owner of unlimited properties.

So those who are already teachers hope that they will have all these qualities within them because they have already taken the responsibility of creating a balanced society. But those who will be teachers in the coming days should awaken all these qualities within them. So that every student can see you as their ideal.

So friends that’s it for today, we will meet again in the next video till then THINK POSITIVE, DO POSITIVE AND GO AHEAD….. THANK YOU.

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