Dreaming of a Getaway? 6 Steps to Make Your House a Dreamy Vacation Destination


It appears that everyone in your social media feed is sharing throwback memories and reposting last year’s vacation photos. This only reminds you that you had so many plans for your summer vacation. Unfortunately, all these plans are currently on hold until the situation with the pandemic stabilizes. But, there are still ways you can create a getaway you crave in your own home.

Brainstorming stage

First, you need to come up with ideas for your vacation-staycation. How do you want to spend your days? If your idea of a perfect vacation is a beach, cocktail, and a few good books, write it down. Write everything that you associate with the word vacation. Make a list of things you’ll need to feel like you’re on a vacation even if you stay put. 

Preparation stage

outdoor area designed for a staycation

Once you finish the brainstorming stage, it’s time to move to the preparation stage. Start by ticking off items you need to buy. You can get almost everything online from the books you plan on reading, a parasol for your backyard, and a few lounging chairs. If you already have a perfect outside sitting area, clean everything up, and make everything more comfortable by adding a few cushions. 

Next, you’ll also need to prepare your interior for your staycation Take out every item that reminds you of the last resort you visited. Change the table centerpiece into a floral arrangement and spread some shells and crystals around it. You can also change the table runner into something naval blue to create the naval scene.

Execution stage

outdoor grill in a lovely backyard

When you get everything you need to set up your outside area for maximum comfort, it’s time to prepare for a staycation. Clean everything thoroughly, mow the lawn, and get the grill ready. You can also set up an outside bar where you can mix your favorite cocktails with ease. You should also make a list of takeouts you plan on ordering during your staycation.

The fact that your planned vacation got canceled, doesn’t mean you should put that money away. You can treat yourself with your favorite meals every day. This is yet another reason why we love all-inclusive hotel services – because we don’t have to cook. So, pamper yourself a bit. 

Renovation stage

woman sitting by the pool on a lounger drinking cocktail

If you are one of those lucky ones who own a swimming pool in your backyard, you’re already one step closer to your dreamy location. Basically, your entire backyard is the perfect summer getaway because you can swim and lounge outside all day long. But, if you haven’t paid that much attention to your swimming pool over the years, maybe it’s time to give it a bit of touch up. Swimming pool construction experts will ensure your pool is safe and ready to use with a few simple upgrades and renovations. Summer days are always better when you spend them next to your own private pool. 

Pampering essentials

One of the reasons people crave vacation this much is because they finally get a chance to unwind and relax. You should also invest in the pampering essentials you can use for spa evenings at home. You’ll need some scented candles or essential oils to set the scene. Vanilla scented candles and citrus essential oils are a great combo. Next, have several bath bombs, body scrub, and hydrating sheet masks in your bathroom. You can pamper yourself with a different thing every evening. 

Fun essentials

Another major element of getaways is having fun from the moment your vacation starts to the very last day. Since you’ll be staying home, the first thing you have to do is disconnect. Leave your phone inside your home so you won’t be interrupted while you lounge by the pool with a Mojito and a paperback in hands. Make sure that tropical beats are always playing in the background, but make sure to keep it moderately loud so you won’t cause any disturbance. Prepare some board games you can play when you’re not swimming and reading so that everyone can join in on the fun.

These six steps will help you plan your vacation at home with ease. With a bit of planning, preparation, and execution, you can enjoy yourself even if you stay home. It’s all about turning off the outside noise and enjoying the calmness of your private retreat.