Confusing Russian Language: Truth and Lies


Learning Russian is a hard decision to make: there are so many biases about the language difficulty. Though, the language takes 8th place in the top spoken languages all over the world.

Speak Russian
Speak Russian

There are about 258 million people who can speak the Russian language in 2021, and when you decided to join them, let’s discuss the difficulties you may face on your way. Many students are not prepared to separate the myth about the language from its reality. We will look through some common truths and lies about the language to make sure you are ready for studying.

Lies: You Can Not Easily Learn the Russian Language

The meaning of “easy” is broad: it is simple to learn the language for the students who know how the languages work. It means that if you already know some foreign language, it does not matter whether it’s an inflectional language or not.

Learn Russian Language
Learn Russian Language

The Russian language is an inflectional language, which means that some word parts change depending on the context and the idea. French and English speakers will understand it without any problem. Chinese students, for example, can be a little confused by that as the Chinese characters do not change in the context at all. It means that it is easy to learn Russian to the fluency level.

Lies: It Is Hard to Find a Proper Russian Tutor

Another big lie about learning the Russian language is that it’s hard to find a professional Russian tutor. There are thousands of competent Russian language tutors in Preply that it may be confusing for you to choose.

Read the Reviews to Find the Best Tutor

Choosing a teacher is hard, especially the one who will become not only your guide to the language and culture but the one you can share with your views. Pick the ones you like and book a test session. That is how you can understand if the tutor fits your needs.

Word of Mouth Can Help

Russian Language Learning
Russian Language Learning

It is hard to find offline Russian tutors now. There are several reasons for that: COVID-19 lockdown and the other virus restrictions. Ask for advice to find a Russian teacher: maybe your colleagues or friends already worked with someone who helped with the language.

Truth: It Takes Some Time to Start Speaking

You may be interested in the language and spend years before speaking, but it won’t happen. Why? The problem here is not the language but the way we learn this language.

You have to know how to use the grammar and the rules of the Russian language. It is all not about the vocabulary. The syntax will help you with picking the natural patterns and sentences of the language.

Studying hard is not always efficient. That is why it’s crucial to learn the language efficiently. Over time you will gain an understanding of the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, as well as the overall language processes.

Truth: It Is Easy to Find a Native Russian Speaker

Leaving abroad and finding a Chinese or Spanish tutor can seem more simple than finding a Russian native speaker. The thing is that they are everywhere. Try to find a local Russian community on Facebook, for example.

Finding Native Russian Speaker
Finding Native Russian Speaker

There are also offline Russian communities in each country. How to find them? Look for Russian restaurants or shops. The majority of such places in the area mean that there are people of nationality who live there.


There are many myths and legends, truths and lies that go about the Russian language. Though the grammar, spelling, and alphabet of the language can be confusing, there are some rules you may apply to ease your burden.

  • Communicate more with the natives;
  • Read more books in the Russian language;
  • Use applications that will help you to gain more of the vocabulary;
  • Watch movies in the language. You can also turn on Russian subtitles when watching Netflix.

The more you practice a foreign language, the simple it will be to remember all the rules and tricks. Get more conversational within your practice, and the success will be quick!

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