10 Effective Blogger Outreach Strategy Tools


When you think of Blogger Outreach, it is not easy, one must have a clear idea about the blogger outreach strategies. If you have a correct blogger outreach strategy, then it will help you reach your long term and short term goals.

Everyone is much aware of the disadvantages of the blogger outrage, it consumes more time to work in blogger outreach than anything else. But Blogger outreach brings in more traffic than any other such platform. Hence it is very important to have a correct blogger outreach strategy that would be effective.

There are 5 strategic steps what it takes to make a strong Blogger Outreach Strategy:

  • Understanding the Blogger’s Need
  • Set Goals
  • Find Bloggers of the relevant interest
  • Collaborate with relevant bloggers
  • Keep a continuous track of the results

But even if we explain in detail the above-mentioned pointers, many would not be able to make a perfect blogger outreach strategy. Hence, here we will help them.

Blogger Outreach Strategy

1. Buzz Sumo

Buzz sumo is one of the most efficient tools in blogger outreach. It is such an efficient tool that can be used for several purposes. The buzz sumo tool can be used for researching also for posting titles and seeing how is a particular content doing in the search engine.

This tool plays an important part in content marketing, it helps to identify which content is doing well. It helps in making a great strategy for your blogger outreach.

2. Traackr

The name of this tool is already quite interesting but more interesting is the work it does. It helps in reaching out to influencers and bloggers and build a strong relationship with them.

This tool not only helps you to find out the nearest social media influencer in your space. You make a relationship and track them separately using this Traackr tool.  Using this tool, you will realize what works and what does not.

3. Tomoson

Sometimes, you need to reach out to the higher influencers in your capacity, here is where the Tomson comes to play. This is not a part of the traditional blogger outreach tool, but this tool is very helpful.

Once you open the website, it shows you the option of finding the top influencers, if you find them then you will be able to connect to them and proceed with your work.

4. Pitchbox

The pitch box helps to avoid the finer details slows down the blogger outreach program significantly. You can utilize that time and energy in creating other relations and connections with new influencers.

It helps in finding out the prospected target audience or the contacts and the information related to the contact.

It helps you to follow up on the recent changes automatically without requiring any additional information.

5. Buzz Stream

This tool is similar to the other tools that have been mentioned already but this tool also helps to attract a large customer base.  If you are tired of collecting leads then obviously you can use this tool. The ability to do research automatically, without losing patience and time can be done using this tool. If you apply your URL in the buzz stream, it automatically helps you to find out the targetted audience.

Many do not like using blogger outreach as it is very time consuming, then you can try buzz stream. This will help you save time and do your aimed work. It is quite similar to the rest of the tools but it also helps in streamlining the results or rest of the searches and all of it.

6. ContentMarketer.io

The name of this tool itself explains what can be done and what must be done using this tool. This tool is designed keeping in mind the content marketers in mind. This tool works like a connector, which deserves a whole of your attention. Using this tool, you can send an email to your targetted audience for free.

There are of course other advantages of using this tool, but it is best for the content marketers.

7. Inkybee

This tool is like a magic wand, it keeps all your wishes turned into a reality of choice. This tool fulfils all your wishes and leaves nothing unturned in it. This tool helps you in every step you take in blogger outreach. It helps you to give a high level of service and also finding out the contact of the influencers.

On-going Blog Discovery is a new feature and it helps in finding out the best possible result by finding out Inky bee. As we already mentioned that blogger outreach is actually very time consuming but this particular tool helps in speeding up the work.

8. Ninja Outreach

This tool provides a platform for all users from all over the world irrespective of language and location. Here you are allowed to personalize your personal templates, it also helps in automatic email reach out to the targeted audience. You will also be able to track the mail sent and also about how to proceed with the ninja outreach technique.

9. Klear 

This is another important tool; it helps in finding the relevant contacts of the niche. Klear has three steps to approach to the users,

Choose your niche; it could be anything under the sun.

Discover influencers in your area who will be agreeing to make videos for you too.

It helps to manage the contacts and also helps in posting guest blogs on different websites.

10. GroupHigh

If you understand what is faster with respect to fast, then understand the Grouphigh is faster than any other tool. This tool lives up to your expectations and actually makes your work be done fastest. This tool has an advantage which is the database of the blogs of this tool.

“Contains more than 15 million 360 degree profiles of bloggers that write about any topic” – claims Group High.


As a blogger, I try to give in the most appropriate information about whatever I write on. It has been seen that almost 81% of the bloggers are trusted and the basis of their review, people make decisions and make plans. It is recommended that you must make a strong effective blogger outreach strategy using the tools.

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