WiFi in Education: The Importance of Connected Learning


The world around us is constantly changing and people are growing more and more reliant on technology. Students now have access to more information than that of students ten or fifteen years ago due to smartphones. Most every student has one and has grown up with them. Children as young as two years old are capable of operating a smartphone. It’s becoming more common to see this sort of technology in classrooms, whether the teacher asks the students to use their phones to research a topic or the school providing the students with their own laptops or iPads. Students are being trained to rely on this technology at their fingertips and although some may say it’s harmful to rely too heavily on technology, the truth is that’s what students are being asked to do once they enter the “real world“.

Wi-Fi For Education

This being said, there should be no question of whether or no WiFi is needed in schools, but how strong a signal each school will need. WiFi is crucial to the operation of this technology that students are being asked to learn, and without it, we’re only crippling them. I believe that schools of all levels, elementary, middle, high, and college institutions should offer WiFi so that their students can be successful when it comes time to find a job. Every career relies on technology and students have to know how to operate it if they are going to be competitive when applying. Not only to get a job, but WiFi is also needed for research while in school as well. The day of the card catalog has come to and end with most publications accessible via the internet., it would be a huge disadvantage to not offer students that major resource.

WiFi in Study Room

WiFi in Education
WiFi in Education

There are many college institutions, and even some high schools, that require most of their assignments to be posted via an online drop box. Some students do not have the luxury of WiFi at home but are still required to submit their assignments. If the schools do not provide their students with WiFi, it makes it virtually impossible for them to submit their assignments, thus setting them up for failure. Schools can not require something of their students and in turn not offer the tools for an equal opportunity to succeed.

Wi-Fi in a class room
Wi-Fi in a class room

Why is WiFi needed in schools?

It’s inevitable that the world will continue to rely on technology as a means to survive and operate. In the case of why is WiFi needed in schools, I believe it’s fair to say that WiFi is needed for our students to succeed and be competitive in today’s society. It’s not something that’s going away so we may as well equip our students to have an upper had when it comes to working with technology. WiFi is needed in all schools and should be provided by every school system to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to succeed and that they are not limited by the school for not having provided the proper tools for education.

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