The 7 Best Tools to Start Your Dream Business in 2020


Don’t hustle! That’s bad! You’ll have to give up your life when you hustle. It will deeply affect your life. Apparently, this is what many people think — “hustle” is bad. But you cannot definitely do it without hustle.

Every year, people of various age groups come up with an idea of entrepreneurship, that brings along with it the hustle and the need to determine what strategies work for a successful business. If you are one of them, your first thought might be to start googling terms like “small business tools”, but a huge list may baffle you up. Don’t worry. I’ve done most of the legwork for you. Let’s dive right in and take a look at small business tools that can work for your business to take you to the vision of future growth. 

7 Best Tools to Start Your Dream Business in 2020

  1. ProofHub (Manage all your projects and communication)

ProofHub is a powerful business management software that combines all the features you might need to manage your projects smoothly. You can get better control over projects and team communications under one roof with ProofHub. 

Why ProofHub?

  • Clear insights on how projects are running

  • Define the flow of tasks to simplify the way you manage tasks 

  • Visual timeline to better plan and manage resources

  • Gantt charts to keep your projects on track

  • Dynamic reports to get clear insights

  • Time tracking to track time spent on tasks

  • Mobile app for Android and iOS users


  1. UberConference (Powerful, free conference calls) 

UberConference is one good option if you are going to do phone calls. It makes setting up a conference call really easy. You’ll have everything you need for effective meetings. 

Why Uberconference?

  • Mute a noisy caller 

  • Dial-in another person mid-call

  • Sharing screen is very easy by clicking “share” on UberConference dashboard

  • Add custom hold music to make waiting a little more enjoyable

  • UberConference App for iPhone and Android

  1. RescueTime (Know where you spend your time)

As a business owner, you’ll always be curious about how your day-to-day life looks like. With so many distractions on the Internet, you’re likely to get strewed. RescueTime shows you where you’re spending all your time online so you can empower your productivity by optimizing your schedule.

Project Management Tools

Why RescueTime?

  • Block you from certain sites and lock you out of browsing

  • Alerts to warn you when you spent a certain amount of time on an activity

  • Email reports summarizing your productivity score and activities

  • The premium feature lets you log offline time for meetings and phone calls

  1. Mighty Networks (Build a community)

Mighty Networks is a software-as-a-service platform (SaaS) for creators, niche entrepreneurs, and businesses to grow a community-powered brand. As you jump in to start your business, you’ll need to build a digital community to keep your business updated to the audience. 

Why Mighty Networks?

  • Add paid subscriptions for experiences, connections, and courses

  • You can launch endless courses and community in one place

  • Create polls, questions, and articles to kick off new conversations and share your experiences

  1. MailChimp (Automation tools to grow your business)

Businesses have always used MailChimp to engage their audiences, have meaningful conversations, and increase sales. If you’re new to the email marketing game, MailChimp is easy-to-use robust marketing automation and email marketing tool that helps the business of all size. You’ll love MailChimp’s awesome features to get in touch with your prospects and turn leads into sales.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Why MailChimp?

  • Quality templates to customize every email to be tailored to your brand

  • Connect with tools you already use for more powerful marketing features

  • Send up to 12,000 emails a month

  • Create ad campaigns, generate custom reports, view click-through, and success rates

  1. (Make perfect payments)

One seamless payment solution for you as you start your business to make payment quicker. Go digital and eliminate checks and paperwork. offer some of the lowest credit processing rates with rates starting at 2.8%.

Due Payment Gateway
Due Payment Gateway


  • Simple integration that makes online payment easy

  • International payment processing supporting invoicing in more than 100 countries and adjusts to their tax systems

  • Invoice export options, PayPal integration, and activity timeline

  • Proprietary security features built using the blockchain

  1. Adwords (Staple for every business)

You definitely cannot do your business without getting in front of customers through Google Search and Maps. Adwords ads will bring you to the top immediately. You need to make sure you’re on the top of search results when people search for your product or service.

Google Ads
Google Ads

Why Adwords?

  • Text-based search ads, graphics display ads, and in-app ads

  • Measure how well your ads are performing

  • Broadcast your ads to a set location

  • No set monthly fee for the program. Varies according to budget and only pay Google when ads work

That’s all for now. I hope the above list of digital tools, that are faster and smarter, will be perfect for whatever business you’re in. These business tools will provide you with a solution to problems you’ll face on the journey that crosses you from breaking the glass ceiling in your industry. Start hustling to be the next big thing! 

What are some of your favorite business tools? Let us know in the comments section.
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