Laptops Buying Guide – How to Buy New Laptops online or Offline | 2019


Laptops Buying Guide: When you go to the market to buy new laptops, then you are confused and face the biggest problems. How to buy a new laptop! You confused because lots of technology used on a laptop. You don’t aware some of the technology and features of laptops. In such a situation, you are not able to buy the right laptop online or offline market. If you want to buy a new laptop then, you should know some information before buying a laptop.

If you want to buy a new/perfect laptop, read this article properly. You don’t buy a laptop every day. That is the region we are going to tell you some guide about buying a good laptop.

Many new technologies used in a laptop. All laptops or desktop comes with different features and different operating system, different processor and different hardware. All the parts of laptop or desktop work differently. Because of this, you have to choose the correct laptop for your needs with the right configuration.

Before Buying a Laptop

Before buying anything, we need to know our needs, especially when you think about buying a new laptop. First of all, know your needs and buy a good laptop with the right configuration. Budget is more important things because of Laptop specification and features according to your budget.

Laptops Buying Guide – How to Buy New Laptops Online or Offline Market

Laptops Buying Guide
Laptops Buying Guide 2019

When you go to buy a laptop in the market, a lot of questions are asked, and after these questions, sellers shows the laptops according to your choice or demand. So, let’s see How to Buy New Laptops, Laptops Buying Guide.

Laptops Buying Guide – How to Buy Good laptop

When you go to the market to buying a laptop a lot of questions are asked, and after these, the seller told that which laptop is right for you. So let’s know about all those.


Many types of processor are available in the market. Like core i3, core i5, core i7, core i9 etc. The series number is increasing means Processing Speed increases. i5 is more powerful than i3 and i7 is more powerful than i5 processor.

Now you think which processor is best for you. I told you it depends on your work. If you use normal laptops then you can take core i3, and if you do some advanced work then you can use core i5. If you want to do advanced and heavy work then you can use i7, core i9 processor.

Operating System

Most of the laptop or computer runs with windows which more expensive than Dos and Linux. If you want to save some money then, you can take the Dos and Linux operating system and install windows in it. For this, you have to need some technical knowledge. If you buy a windows laptop then, you see it is a little bit expensive.

Laptops Buying Guide 2019
Laptops Buying Guide 2019


Ram (Random Access Memory) plays an important role in the laptop or desktop computer. Choose the RAM according to your laptop configuration and use. If you want to do advance work on your laptop such as Professional video editing, Play the High-level Games or other work then you must have to choose 8 to 16 GB RAM.

Screen size and quality

Screen size and quality is a very important part of a laptop. If you see the movie, play the game then you must have to buy a big screen full HD laptop, if you buy a laptop for your office work, or general use then you chose a small screen laptop. If you want to travel with your laptop, then you must have to buy a small screen laptop. If you buy a Full HD screen laptop then, take a graphics card inbuild laptop. If your budget is high and you want to use advanced technology then, you can also use a touch screen laptop.

Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Drive (HDD or SSD)

All the data of your laptop saved on the HDD or SSD. At this time 500GB to 1TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) laptops are available in the market. if you want to buy a laptop for general use then, you can take 500GB or 1 TB HDD.

Some laptop comes with Solid State Drive (SSD). SSD is very first data transfer storage drive. Price of SSD inbuild laptop more expensive than HDD inbuild Laptop.

Graphics Card

Most of the laptops build with a basic graphics card. This graphics card is not powerful it is not for heavy work, it is processing your little work like play movies, small games. So get a powerful graphics card for heavy work.


A laptop gives 4 to 5 hours of battery backup. If you work in your office or home where don’t have any power problem then a normal battery enough for you. If you travel or out of your house then you must have to buy a long-time barrery backup laptop.