Hr Training Courses Tip: The 7 Essential Skills Of Hr In 2019

Hr Training Courses Tip
Top 7 Hr Training Courses Tip 2019

Hr Training Courses Tip – 7 Essential Skills Of Hr In 2019

1 # Being innovative and open-+minded

The times have changed. Sentence a little boat, but that certainly characterizes the HR function. It is no longer possible to practice this profession today as we did yesterday.

Why? Car all evolved, recruitment operation of enterprises through the workers themselves, like the Millennial sweeping the labor market (in the same way as previous generations had done before them). It is not only the times that have changed, but also the rules! So there is no choice but to evolve and adapt, because HR lost in the meanders of “Let’s do as before! ” Will be quickly exceeded. To get your human resources training course you can visit Zoe Talent Solutions.

Our two main tips are:

Develop your openness and know how to adapt, especially when two or three generations must agree to work together in the same company.
Be innovative, using new technologies as tools to work more effectively, but also daring to revolutionize the procedures in place to adapt to the times.

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2 # Know how to collaborate and delegate

The HR must be well surrounded and do not work alone: it is now, more than ever, a manager. If we take the practical example of recruitment, knowing how to collaborate with those around us ( managers, executives, employees, recruiters… ) and know how to delegate certain parts of the process, will allow the HR to be much more effective. Result? Talents easier to find and attract, and ultimately, a hiring of much better quality with less risk of failure. This approach obviously applies in all strata of HR work.
But do not make us say what we did not say! The goal is never to sit idly by and watch others work, but to focus on what is the heart of the business: overseeing human resources at all levels.

Top 7 Hr Training Courses Tip 2019

7 Essential Skills Of Hr Manager
7 Essential Skills Of Hr Manager

3 # Be a good seller and a great negotiator

The ability to negotiate is, of course, one of the essential facets of human resource training course, which in many situations will have to demonstrate it (wage negotiations, conflict resolution, etc.). But in addition to negotiating skills, today’s HR will also have to be an excellent salesman because, being often on the front line, he is one of the main representatives of the company. And if it’s not your strong, no worries, it works. Our three tips to be a good “seller” of your business:

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Know the company, its history, its identity, its values, its atmosphere of work, the various positions … The strong points. Know what makes the difference in your business, which makes it better than others. And know how to use that to showcase it!

The HR can not know everything on the fingertips, especially at the technical jobs. We must dare to appeal to other people in the company, more steadied on these points (involve managers and employees for example).

4 # Have legal knowledge

This is not the most “fun” skill to develop, but it is without a doubt one of the most useful. Once again, do not hesitate to be accompanied to learn more about this subject and be up to date. Why is it so important?

Regulations change regularly and quickly, and you obviously need to know and understand them in order to adapt to them. This will allow you to manage gray areas when necessary. Is it discrimination? Is it harassment? It is up to HR to deal with this kind of situation in the first place.

This avoids being surprised. Social law is complex, and to be surprised by a situation or an individual who would control it better than you would be complex to manage.


5 # Be king / queen of the organization

In the same way that one speaks of hygiene of life, we could speak here of occupational hygiene. The HR must obligatorily have a rigorous work hygiene, and through this term, we speak obviously of organization.

The four pillars of the organization as HR are: – Time management – Task prioritization and knowing how to say no when needed – Development of precise and easy-to-repeat processes – Multitasking (know how to manage, from front, several tasks)

Fortunately, new technologies allow us to maximize our day-to-day organization, so do not hesitate to integrate them into HR work. The example we prefer is the recruitment software, TTY as we say in the jargon, which allows to develop, apply and facilitate recruitment processes. If you want to know more about TTY, feel free to download our free white paper.

Hr Training Courses Tip 2019

Hr Training Courses Tip
Hr Training Courses Tip

6 # Being able to juggle communication and discretion

In the era of communication, it would be inconceivable that an HR does not know how to master its principles and tools. In fact, it is so obvious for today’s HR that the challenge is not to know how to communicate effectively, but rather to be discreet when needed. A good HR will communicate perfectly, while an excellent HR will master the balance between communication and discretion.

So, to make sure you respect both your colleagues, your company and your profession, you need to:

  • Judge what is good or not so good to make public
  • Know how to distill information so that it is easily captured and integrated by the public concerned
  • Evaluate the impact of words used and timing

7 # Know how to manage crises and conflicts

Finally, in the event of crisis and conflict, the HR must position itself as a mediator on the one hand, and as a player in the resolution on the other hand. Art is knowing how to remain impartial without falling into the trap of inaction. This skill could actually be at the crossroads of the six qualities mentioned above, because in crisis management it is necessary to:

  • Be organized – Have procedures ready for maximum eventuality and easy to apply.
  • Be an excellent negotiator to get out of the crisis from above.
  • Know how to manage the people involved
  • To be an outstanding communicator to be able to defuse and explain.
  • Have the necessary legal knowledge ( or dare to be helped ).
  • Be open-minded and think “out of the box” because every conflict / crisis demands to adapt to the situation.

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