How to Update the Vibe of Your Entire Home for a Fresh Start


A fresh start is something we all look forward to during these challenging times. Once we learn that the virus crisis is finally finished, we’ll all want to start fresh. After all this time we spent indoors, some in apartments while others in their houses, even the smallest decor change will update the vibe of our place. These changes will update the vibe of our home and change it to something that won’t remind us of that time we spent self-isolating. 

Refresh your walls

bedroom with refreshed wall pain colour

A new fresh coat of paint can turn even the most dated decor into something bright and new. A new color will be a chance for you to escape your old place into something entirely bright and new. Go for a shade that evokes positive emotions and a sense of calm. If you feel like you’ve outgrown your current color palette, go for something entirely different.

Go bold if you’ve previously chosen soft and neutral hues. You can also change your bold statement into something more subtle and neutral. The choice of color, both neutral and bold, is entire yous so go for the one that makes you happy. You can even color your doors and give them a fresh coat of paint, as well.

Rearrange the furniture

If you feel like you’ve outgrown your current setup, it’s time to change it into something new. The first thing you can do is to rearrange your furniture into something entirely different. Turn your sofa away from its current position into the one opposite. Put your armchairs where the sofa used to be. You can even mix and match different textures and furniture pieces.

nicely decorated home decor

Change the position of mirrors, put them on the opposite or adjoining wall. You can hang a painting where the mirror previously was and fill in the blank space. You might need to purchase one thing or two like a new coffee table, decorative pillows, throwers or even a new carpet to give it a truly new vibe.

Bring new life into your bedroom

blue end gray bedroom decor

The bedroom is pretty much the sacred space in any home because we recharge our energy and rejuvenate our body right there while we sleep. If binge-watching series after series has been your favorite past time activity during the lockdown, you should make this area tech-free space. Once you get back to your regular get-early-for-work routine, too much tech can mess up your sleep pattern.

Another step to revive your bedroom is to update your bed linens for a fresh start. Pick a color that won’t remind you of the time you spent quarantined with your loved ones. New colors will breathe new life into any room and especially into your bedroom.

Take proper action

If you’re unsure where to start and how to transform your living space on your own, you can ask for help. Postponing this project just because you don’t know where to start isn’t something to stress over. You can remove the stress out of the equation by turning to an award-winning interior designer for professional help. Interior designers will listen carefully to your ideas and take proper action to turn them into a reality. If you caught yourself thinking about the things you want to change, but haven’t yet found the time to start, it might be the time to step away and let an expert turn your ideas into reality.

Add more plants

home indoor plants

Plants symbolize life, new beginnings, rebirth and other things associated with starting over. A new start is something we all look forward to. We’ve had a chance to analyze many things over and over while we spent our time social distancing. If you don’t have indoor plants in your house, you should incorporate them into your decor. You can put one ZZ plant into each room and its deep green leaves will bring life to boring areas. If you’re a complete newbie to taking care of indoor plants, pick those that are low maintenance. 

Remove the things you no longer need

Once you succeed in making your space look entirely new and different, you need to remove the things you no longer need. The art of decluttering is something you should embrace and put into practice. Everything that seems misplaced, outdated, and no longer fits the purpose of your home should be given away, donated, and thrown away.

These six tips are the starting point and they will give you the proper incentive to start updating your home. Not knowing where to start has been made easy with these tips. After you finish, you will love your home once again.