How to Prepare for CompTIA SECURITY+ SY0-501 Exam Fast


For about a decade, CompTIA has partnered with Linux Professional Institute to offer career-specific certifications to professionals interested in learning how to configure and administer computing systems that operate on Linux. A certification offered under this partnership is the CompTIA Security+ Powered by LPI.

Prepare for CompTIA SECURITY+
Prepare for CompTIA SECURITY+

To gain this credential, candidates must pass two exams SECURITY+ SY0-501 and LX0-104. The requirement is that candidates should pass SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam first and then do the 2nd test to earn certification. In the sections below, you will learn everything you need to know about CompTIA SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam as well as some preparation tips that will increase your chances of passing.

Before we delve into the details of SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam, it is important to note that CyberSecurity has launched its own exam for the Security+ certification. Consequently, SECURITY+ SY0-501 and LX0-104 tests will be offered only until October 2019. After that, candidates will be required to sit for XK0-004 exam to earn the CompTIA Security+ certification.

SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam in a nutshell

CompTIA SECURITY+ SY0-501 comprises of 60 multiple-choice,fill-in-the-blank, and multiple response questions that should be answered within 1,5 hours. The grading is done on a scale of 200 to 800, and candidates should score at least 500 to pass. Offered at a cost of $219, this exam is available in English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.


Though there are no strict requirements for doing this exam, it would be helpful if candidates have one year’s experience in Linux administration and possess CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ credential.

Skills acquired through CompTIA SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam

After passing this test, you will be competent in installing Linux and managing related packages. You are also expected to be familiar with Linux command line, system and hardware configuration, network maintenance, software management, service management, operation of Linux devices, security principles, Linux diagnostics and troubleshooting tools, automation tools, and more. People with these skills can work as network administrators, Linux administrators, systems administrators, and technical support specialists.

How to prepare for CompTIA SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam

The CompTIA Security+ certification is among the popular credentials today. Many recruiters in the IT industry are looking for candidates skilled in managing computer systems that run on Linux. Having this credential makes you competitive. Besides, once you complete your second test and earn the CompTIA Security+, you can easily register for any advanced Linux certification. So, it is important to pass SECURITY+ SY0-501 so that you can proceed to the second exam and gain your certification.

How to prepare for CompTIA SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam
How to prepare for CompTIA SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam

When preparing for SECURITY+ SY0-501 test, you may opt for self-paced study or choose instructor-led training. The latter may take place in a classroom or on the virtual platform. The best part is that the CompTIA training is offered by instructors who understand the certification process. In this case, training with CompTIA verified instructors enables you to master the key concepts required to pass your exam. Whether you study on your own or opt for an instructor, the following preparation tips will come in handy:

Invest time in self-study

Preparing for any exam requires a lot of effort and dedication. Even after class sessions, you must review the lesson and remind yourself of the key findings. Also, allowing enough time to go through the study guide and test your understanding before the exam will improve your chances of passing. Begin preparing early and make sure you study consistently.

Gather the required materials

Preparation materials include exam guide and other relevant books, past exams, and labs. CompTIA has various materials that you can use to prepare for your SECURITY+ SY0-501 test. For instance, you could purchase any of their Security+ exam preparation bundles and acquire an eBook as well as get access to Cert Master Labs and practice training.

Study Matirials For SECURITY+ SY0-501
Study Materials For SECURITY+ SY0-501

The best thing about preparing for SECURITY+ SY0-501 is that you are not limited to what the vendor has to offer. You might find helpful resources from online exam preparation platforms such as PrepAway. Try their exam dumps, study guide, and course lectures for CompTIA SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam. Make sure you understand the scope of the course content outlined by the vendor before you consider external resources.

Use practice tests

Testing yourself before the main exam enables you to discover areas that you have not mastered properly. To get a clear idea of your level of preparedness, you must test yourself as though you were doing the real exam. Use SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam dumps from PrepAway along with exam simulation software. Make sure you check your performance and revise the areas you didn’t score well.

Practice with virtual labs

Remember that SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam tests practical skills. For this reason, it’s important to invest time in learning and testing your knowledge in the practical aspects outlined in the exam objectives. This is where CertMaster labs for Security+ come in. These interactive labs will equip you with hands-on skills and give you a better understanding of exam concepts.

Practice with virtual labs
Practice with virtual labs

Registration and renewal

If you are ready for the test, you can buy an exam voucher, identify an appropriate testing location, and register for your exam. CompTIA requires that certified professionals keep their credentials updated. This is why they offer continuing education (CE) program. Your Security+ certification is valid for 3 years since the date of issue. You can take part in different activities to renew your credential which includes collecting 50 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) or obtaining higher certifications.


CompTIA is known to offer IT certifications that match current IT infrastructure and cybersecurity career needs. Passing your SECURITY+ SY0-501 exam and gaining certification deepens your knowledge and expertise in Linux-based systems. Use the above tips to ace your SECURITY+ SY0-501 test easily and get a step closer to the CompTIA Security+ certification.