How Helping Others Can Make You Happy


We all look for ways to be better people and do something in our lives. From going to different courses to improving different skills, we believe this will be the thing to give our life meaning and tell us it wasn’t all for nothing in the end. The truth is, the only thing that can actually do that is helping the world. The happiest people are those who keep on giving and looking for ways to make the world a better place. Volunteering and lending a hand around the world where people need it most is the first step in becoming an altruist.

happy to help
Happy to help

1. Building compassion and empathy

Wanting to help others is already a sign of an empathetic person. It’s a sign of being able to understand other people’s troubles without having gone through them by yourself. By putting yourself out there and making other people’s lives better, you build your empathy even further. Through your volunteer work, you’ll discover you can emphasize with good feelings too. Your joy will be brought on knowing the people and animals you’ve helped aren’t suffering from the same issues any longer.

The one feeling more rewarding than that will be the happiness brought on by your pride and confidence in yourself. Thanks to your selflessness, the world is that much of a happier place. And that’s the most beautiful feeling in the world.

helping others compassion

2. Leadership and a sense of purpose

By believing one person can make a difference and being that person, you declare you are a leader. You’re bold enough and determined enough to take the initiative and do what needs to be done to uphold your ideals. Not only does helping others allow you to exercise your leadership skills and give you a way to uphold your ideals, but it also gives you a sense of purpose.

When people or animals depend on you and look up to you, you get a sense of responsibility and purpose like you’ve never felt before. In turn, this makes you a calmer and happier person. Who doesn’t love being looked up to? It’s one of the most flattering and proud feelings in existence. 

3. Helping underprivileged people in Tanzania 

You have to realize that not all people are born with the same privileges you are. Those in Tanzania can only dream of your standard of living. You can help make their lives more comfortable by ensuring their children have a brighter future.

Volunteer to teach or help treat patients with modern medicine. You can even volunteer at the orphanage and show those children that they are loved. Getting involved and helping underprivileged people change their lives for the better makes you realize just how good one person can do. It will foster the same sense of duty to help the world in those kids, and will definitely make life easier for future generations.

helping Australia

4. Take care of animals in Queensland

If you want to volunteer in Australia, you should look at the animal volunteering options first. After all, this continent is famous for its one of a kind, mesmerizing flora and fauna. Still, it isn’t immune to pollution, dangerous people who don’t like animals, careless people, or any other environmental danger. That means that Australia’s native animals need someone to take care of them.

If you go to Queensland, you’ll be able to help out at the wildlife sanctuary. This means you’ll spend your days hanging out with kangaroos and koalas, feeding them, cleaning them, and getting to know the rest of Australia’s indigenous wildlife. This is an amazing opportunity to help little innocent beings and brighten their every day up. Remember how we said volunteering builds empathy? Well, this is especially true when you can empathize with a whole other species and help them overcome any problems brought on by humans.

5. Lend a hand in Costa Rica

Another excellent place for helping animals, and turtles especially, is Costa Rica. Turtles are a very vulnerable species right now that need a little bit of help when it comes to preservation. Due to various lurking dangers, young turtles don’t even make it to the ocean before a predator catches them. Even if they do make it, they’re at high risk of dying due to pollution. You’ll be directly responsible for helping save an entire species by making sure the turtles are safe and healthy.

Accommodation is provided in the Turtle Conservation project and so are the basic amenities. Your weeks will be spent helping the turtles while weekends are free for exploring this wonderful country and getting to know everything it has to offer.


As you can see, helping others can make you the happiest you’ve ever been. Whether it’s doing one thing or another, you’re going to feel much better about the world you live in and about yourself. You might not get anything palpable back from the experience but you will get a sense of accomplishment, increased empathy, and the knowledge your legacy will improve the lives of many people and animals. We’re confident this will be a life-changing experience and that you’ll absolutely adore every minute of it.