What Should You Know About The Different BMW Services?


Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, famous as BMW, is a multinational company in Germany. It started in 1916 to manufacture aircraft engines. It manufactured the same until 1918, and then from 1933 to 1945. Presently, the company is into manufacturing of luxury vehicles and motorbikes. The company has its headquarters in Munich, Germany, and the BMW services are all over the world. The slogan of this company is very appealing- ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine.’


The BMW services are present across the globe. It has its production facilities in China, Hungary, Mexico, South Africa, and the US. The assembling facilities are currently in Malaysia, Russia, India, Egypt, and Brazil. Canada, Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea are the major importers of the vehicle.



BMW has a vast range of collections when it comes to motorbikes. The motorcycle brand has a unique name- BMW Motorrad.

  • The first attempt at manufacturing Helios and Flink was a failure. After this, the company successfully brought “R32” into the market. Various models are still present under this same layout and are famous as the ‘R Series.’
  • The next model was the BMW R75, which came during the Second World War.
  • Then there was the introduction of the ‘ K Series’ in 1982.
  • However, the latest model is the 2018 manufacture of the BMW R1200 GS model.

Series of BMW Vehicles

BMW is the king of production when it comes to the manufacturing of luxury vehicles. It has several series under which there are several models. Some of the latest productions are as follows.

  • 1 Series ( includes model number F40 and F52)
  • 2 Series ( includes model number F22, F23, F44, F45, and F46)
  • 3 Series ( includes model number G20 and G21)
  • 4 Series ( includes model number G22, G23, and G24)
  • 5 Series ( includes model number G30, G31, and G38)
  • 6 Series ( includes model number G32)
  • 7 Series ( includes model number G11 and G12)
  • 8 Series ( includes model number G14, G15, and G16)

However, the company has recently announced two new models- BMW iX3 SUV and BMW i4, in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

Apart from this, the company also manufactures sports cars such as- Formula one, Dakar rally, and touching cars like- DTM, WTCC, ETCC, and BTCC.


Warranty and Services

By now, you have got the knowledge about the different BMW vehicles. To keep your BMW car or motorbike run at its best, it’s paramount that you must take your vehicle for regular servicing. BMW services centres are authorized to provide servicing of the vehicle as per the guideline of the company. For example, one such guideline is to take your vehicle for service after it has been driven for 36,000miles. The company offers free service, which includes the following:

  • Renew air filter
  • Renew microfilter
  • Renew spark plugs
  • Renew fuel filters ( in case of diesel models only)
  • Oil services

However, there are specific terms and conditions for these BMW services. They are:

  • They provide the services only for three years or for 36000 miles, and its validity expires as any of the ones comes sooner.
  • However, one does not get these services if the vehicle is misused or if the damage occurs due to excessive use and the parts wear out.
  • One fails to get the services if they make any changes in the service, even the minimum ones, from outside for even once.
  • The inclusive services are transferable to a new subsequent owner, but not to another vehicle.
  • The cost of the services is not refundable.

In Conclusion

BMW is the leading company in the manufacturing of vehicles and automobiles and is entirely trustworthy. Opting for authorized centers for BMW service will ensure the longevity and performance of your vehicle.

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