About Mental Club – The Technology Blog

Welcome to The Mental Club, website of technology. This is a technology related website for the people who loves technology. And it is also an world largest social technology related website / community / blog for the Technology – even it is a  club where you can join and discus about technology, education and entertainment and you can read or write any types of education related information’s, e.g.- Literature, Poem, Story, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Science, Psychology, Music, Gadgets, Work Education etc. It means that any educational subject will be discussed in this particular website. It is only one technological, social website, where countless people of the world are chatting to each other. Today young generation blasting their technology to all over the world. The young generations want to spray their technology to the heart of all kinds of people in all over the world via this Mental Club. So, if you are interested then you are requested not to waste your time, please write something about your knowledge and promote yourself, promote us and  promote your technology in all over  the world.

What is technology?

In one word technology is yours though. Technology as a cultural force. The use of the term “technology” has changed significantly over the last 200 years. Before the 20th century, the term was uncommon in English, and usually referred to the description or study of the arts. The term was often connected to technical education.

Why is this website name “Mental Club”?

You know the meaning of Mental Club. Club means a club or a team where anyone can join as a member. And Mental means “Mental refers to aspects of, or things related to, the mind; or, in anatomy. But in our own opinion Mental means your uncommon thinks about technology. So we can think anything for discovering. Because your uncommon thinks will discover something.

 Why will you think about technology?

We know your daily life is busy, but in this busy life you never forget to check your Facebook status and you try to update your Facebook status. If it is not, then you try to give likes or comment to others’ photo or you share others photo with your friends and you lose your important time.

In daily leisure, you spend whatever time by watching movies, songs, or play the game of endless attempts on your laptop or desktop or TV, if you spend those times with computer programs, then you would be a good programmer or a computer expert and you may be a famous programmer as like as Mark Zuckerberg. It cannot be said that your name would be enlisted to the list of famous programmers of the world or your country.

Most probably, you are spending your important time during your leisure period by chatting with your friends or you are making stories or taking on the phone. But if you spend your time on social work or other acts awareness instead of other non-important works without losing your time, then you or your country and your motherland had a chance to go ahead.

At the end of class or coaching you can get lost in a variety of television channels or serial or movies or others entertainment programs. If you spend this time between studies, then you have no need to read more or not to be killed yourself before the final examination. So please take a look in this daily life, you will see that this technology is moving forward to you and blast your technology to all over the world through The Mental Club.