Why Does Xerox Machine Not Print Properly?


Printers have become a necessary machine for office and home use. Earlier, people needed to buy a printer, scanner, and Xerox machine for office work. But today, printers offer multiple functions with good speed. A multifunctional printer offers printing, scanning, Xerox, and fax services. These devices are very robust and offer a simple interface. You can also connect the printer to the network and share it with other devices. Using these devices is very easy. But sometimes these printers can show errors like a Canon printer has ink but prints blank pages. These errors can appear due to runtime errors or any device-related issues.

Xerox Machine

Common reasons behind printing errors

1. Your device faces some runtime error
2. The cartridge is not installed correctly
3. The ink cartridge is empty
4. Xerox machine is not recognizing the cartridge
5. Printer-related files are not working on your PC
6. The driver is not working correctly
7. Printhead is clogged
8. Some services are not running
9. The printer is running in Low mode

Top techniques to fix printing errors

Restart your device

Whenever your device shows a printing error unexpectedly; you should restart the device. Your device can show errors due to any runtime errors. These errors can appear and interrupt the printing process. Go to your Xerox machine and power restart it. Eject the power cord and wait for 10 seconds. Now reconnect the power cord and the device should start automatically. Restarting will fix all runtime errors and now you can easily use your Xerox machine.

Reinstall the cartridges

If the machine is showing you a printing error then check for the installed cartridges. Printing error mainly appears when the cartridge is not installed correctly. Go to your printer and eject all cartridges. Now check the cartridge pins for any bends or damage. If the cartridge is damaged then get a new cartridge for your device. Go to the slots and clean the dust. Now install the cartridges carefully.

getting printing errors

Some users reported that they are getting printing errors after installing new cartridges on the device. This problem appears when the user forgets to remove plastic protective clips. Go to the printer and eject the cartridges. Now remove the clips from your cartridges and now reinstall them. Send a print command and now your printer will start working correctly.

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Check the ink level

Blank or faded printouts appear when the ink level on the installed cartridges is very low. You should check for the ink level of the cartridges. If the ink level is low, remove the
cartridges. But new cartridges for your device. Remove the plastic protective clips and insert the cartridge carefully. Now reconnect the device to PC and send a new print command. The printer may take a few seconds to fetch the ink. Now your Xerox
machine will provide you with copies in better quality.

Use only original cartridges

If your Xerox machine has a new cartridge and still the device is not printing correctly then check the cartridges. Many devices show errors when you have installed a third-party cartridge. Some devices only work when you install the original cartridge on them. Go to the device and eject third-party cartridges. Purchase a new cartridge and install it on your device. Buying a new cartridge can be pricey. If you can’t buy a new cartridge
then you should get ink refills. Eject the empty cartridges and now refill them. Cover your nose and mouth while refilling the cartridges. Close the cartridge lid carefully and now shake the cartridge. Re-insert the cartridge on your Xerox machine and now take your printouts.

Run a printer troubleshooter

Your printer can get printing issues when some of the device-related files are not working. To fix those files, you can run a troubleshooter. Go to your PC and open the Troubleshooter tab. Click on Additional Devices and tap on the Printer/Xerox machine. Select your device and hit on Run troubleshooter. The troubleshooter will start looking for the files. If any file is corrupted, a troubleshooter tool will fix it. Now restart the device and now check for printing issues.

Check for the driver

You can face printing errors on your printer if the installed driver is not working correctly. Your device needs a driver to understand the print command. This driver acts as a
communication bridge between the PC and the printer. Without this driver; the printer machine won’t Xerox your pages. Go to your device and check the installed driver. If you don’t have the driver then install it from the internet. Check the model number and download the correct setup. If you already have a driver then check for the updates. Install a new update of your driver on your PC. Now reconnect the printer to the PC and wait until
the printer finds the driver. This process may take a few seconds. Now go to the device and take the printouts or copies easily.

Copier with copyspace on paper sheet

Clean the print head

Your device can get printing errors when the print head is not working correctly. You need to clean the print head often as it gets clogged easily. To clean the print head, go to your printer and check for the utility cleaning function. Go to the menu and check for the Cleaning option. Select Print head cleaning and run the tool. Run the tool 2-3 times to remove all the clogged ink from the print head. If you can’t find the cleaning tool; clean the print head manually. Go to your machine and clean the print head with a lint-free cloth. After cleaning the print head, your device will start working correctly.

Change the printing mode

If your device is giving faded or low-quality copies/printouts then you should check for the printing mode. In new devices, you can find three different printing modes. The device will
print in poor quality when you are running it in Low mode. This mode uses less ink and prints at a good speed. But if you want to print in a good or high quality then change the printing mode. You can use High mode to get better printouts. The printing speed will decrease a bit but the device will start printing in better quality.

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