What is Malware ? What is VIRUS , SPYWARE, ADWARE , WORM ? How does it Work ?


You could understand that if you make a wrong move on the Internet then how it may be in danger and after knowing you would break down in fear.  Internet is not so simpler as we see it in a normal way. Because, danger is hidden in every step. For example, when you download more or less data from unverified website then you have noticed that some data can be downloaded for free or you download another file instead of your desired file. If you do not believe then you watch that while downloading Firefox Flash Player then you watch that automatically download McAfee Security Scan Plus. We face these kinds of problems either lack of awareness or for hurrying. Bercause, so many previous checked download button do stay in an one download page. So, as a result, automatic download has been starting. As a result, hackers are getting a chance to attack you.    These are called threats. all threats are not the same. So, we have to know all about these types of threats.

Now the questions are : What is Malware ? What is Virus, Spyware, Adware, Worm ? How does it work?


Malware is a shorten version of Malicious software. We, the most computer users, which we think as a virus, is nothing but a malware. There are so many forms of malicious software such as virus, warm, trozan, spyware etc. generally, malwares are called those programs which is harmed to others.In below, we are discussing the various kinds of malwares.



Luckily our internet security or web browing are continuously searching these malwares. Now, the question is what should I do if our PC is attaced by malwares ? For getting answers we welcome in our tune. We will know the various kinds of malwares, their works, and their bad and harmful effects and its remedies.

Computer Virus : A Security Panic 


Virus is made from the combination of some harmful codes which do their job after installing these coded softwares. If a computer is attacked by virus then it scatters in all computers and makes diable the operating system and all files of your computer.


If your computer is attacked by virus then it is very difficult to find out iots own position. Because, I have told that it can create its own iimage and scatters itself. It also trasferred in another computers if the computer is attached with your virus affected computer. Like Malware, the main aim of virus is that to disable your Operating System. Except some virus, most of the virus can damage your computer. According to Experts, MAC and LINUX based Operating System is not affected by virus.

Adware : Advertising-Supported Software

 Now, we are discussing the malware which is the most threatful virus. Adware is the collection of softwares or applications which come in your computer unknowingly. Generally, during downloading any files we download one in stead of others unknowingly. Fort this, adware button has checked before adware downloading and on that download page there are so many download button. Just one click in wrongly, the Adware will be downloaded automatically.


Adware Infection is not only our own mistake. If the device maker institution has added adware then, there is nothing to do it.  If Lenevo and Superfish causes exception, then what should we do ?

Trojans and Backdoors 


trojan Malware has been named to the trojan horse. Trojan Horse is for those who do not know about this. You may know the story of the historic battle of Troy and trojans. When it comes to attacks Trojans Troy City of Troy, the Trojans cut through the wall of the city were not able to enter. They cleverly hid their war ships to the sea builds a huge wooden horse. Heroes was hiding inside the Trojan. When he realized that the city of Troy and the Trojans run away, he could see the sea in a wooden horse large. He considered it a blessing of the gods , brought into the city of Troy . Then the soldiers of the Trojan horse broke out of the darkness came and the castle doors open from the inside out on the road to break into the inner senabahinila Trojans . Thus , despite the strong wall of Troy City of Byron unprotected destroyed.


Trojan virus has become inextricably linked with the history of the Trojan Horse. It just works Trojan virus. Heed it into your computer and then trying to establish contact with the server behind the scenes. When successful, then open your PC to control the backdoor. This means that hackers can control your PC from a distance and they stole the secret things.


However, if you can understand that after being infected by a Trojan virus has infected your PC , then all the great advantage that if you turn off the internet connection to control your PC or in any way a hacker can not steal information . Close connections with the Trojan virus remover you can easily remove the Trojan can .

Spyware : Your Hidden Enemy 


From the name “Spyware” we get some knowledge about its work. Though most of the spyware is not so harmful. But, some spyware is really very harmful. Spyware mainly surveillance on internet surfing and attached with unrelated matters. Spyware, frequently, is more harmful than trozan horse when it sends the informations, banking informations, pictures, emails etc of your computer to the another users.


Spyware mainly comes to your computer during the downloading of computer software, freeware, shareware etc. Though spyware is mainly used in add surfing but you must be little careful and keep yourself safe.

Scareware and Ransomware : The New Weapons of Cheating 


Though the ambition of Scareware and Ransomware is same but their working process is separate. They both use their plot and will be forced you to spend money behind them.

  • Scareware is a program which is installed in your PC unknowingly during the net surfing. And Malware will tell you by alerting that yor computer is attacted by malware and for removing this you have to buy this full version of software.  I sometimes have trouble reading this, you should tell this tune.


  • Ransomware works in a different way. It locks all of your important files and your PC and demands money when you want to unlock your PC. Though it is not difficult to remove it but the new experience computer users do not aware of this.


Worms : the Most Devastating Malware 

Worms is the most devastating malware. If any file of worms attacted system is trasferred to the another computer through internet then creates security fault in the networks and also in that computer.  As a result, all networks has come under it and the attached computer is also badly affected.


From getting rid of this, the affected computer has to be separated from worms. Then, worms can no be attacked. So, be aware and make others aware about online virus itself.

How do you keep safe yourself in Online ?


 We have known about some threats which harm our computers during internet surfing. Internet is the driving force of the world so we can’t stay away from the internet. We keep safe ourselves if we be a little careful and follow some below mentioned steps. 

  1. You have to update your operationg system and other programs. You are requested to install a good anti-virus software and keep update itself.
  2. Personally, I use ESAT Smart Security and AVG Internet Security and you have to use strong firewall and be conscious from threat.
  3. You keep detouch yourself the program download from the unknown source.
  4. You have to scan the programs or softwares by your anti-virus or anti-malwares before opening it.
  5. You keep avoid yourself from pyrated software. You stay away yourself from the naked films and pornographic websites. 

Internet is all for us. Without Internet, we can’t move forward. To keep yourself safe at all times have the right knowledge. Know yourself, not be misguided by anyone, then take the right steps. get rid of all the filth and darkness of ignorance. So, to keep yourself and do not have to worry twice.

Last Word

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