What is Guest Blogging? How do you do guest blogging?


Guest blogging is- going to other’s blog writing something. Through the guest blogging you may get many visitors. Let’s say about my blog, the most visitors come to my blog from Facebook, then from Google and then from sites of guest blogging. So you have understood how much the value of this guest blogging. But be careful!!! Going there, links will not be given here and there (Randomly). Read all rules and policies before putting the link of your website to the other websites. If it is not like that, you will be banned from there without notice. So you have to take a look first to rules and policies. Otherwise, the concept of guest blogging will not be thought. But whatever you say, you are getting many visitors through this guest blogging.

Learn more about Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a method by which a writer writes an article and gives that article to the author, and then the blogger sees that article and thinks that if is it appropriate, then, publishes to his site. The author will have the chance to build its link exchange. He can build a site to be able to link to your site. And blogger gets a unique quality of the article. It is called Guest Blogging.


In short, the benefits of blogging: –

  •         To increase the site’s traffic.
  •         To target specific reader or customer.
  •         To build strong links for your site.
  •         To create his own brand.
  •         Made contact with several bloggers.
  •        The tips know of other bloggers.
  •        To share his experiences with others.
  •         To increase writing efficiency and so on.

How do you do it?

You want to do Guest blogging. It is good to think. Now the question is how do you do it? Let’s know about it.

You have to find the necessary first blogging sites. Remember to save the Excel file is saved. Blogging sites to find the Google search. I gave a few tips below to find related sites.

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “Write for us”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “guest post”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “guest blog”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “guest blogging”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “guest posting”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “Submit a guest post”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “submit post”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “Submit blog post”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “Add blog post”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “Submit an article”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “Suggest a guest post”

[Insert your relevant keyword here] + “Submit your content”

Now, you see, all are written in quotation mark. As a result, Google shows the correct result.


I give some sites for guest blogging.

Marketing / Business / Blogging / Social Media

Marketing sites that accept guest posts.

KISSmetrics – Write for them

Traffic Generation Café – Write for them

Think Traffic – Write for them

Firepole Marketing – Write for them

Copyblogger – Write for them

Mashable – Submit news

MarketingProfs – Write for them

Men with Pens – Write for them

Social Media Examiner – Write for them

Moz – Write for them

Duct Tape Marketing – Write for them

Smart Passive Income – Write for them

E-Junkie.info – Write for them

Search Engine Journal – Write for them

Search Engine People – Write for them

Magnet 4 Marketing – Write for them

12 Most – Write for them

LKR Social Media – Write for them

She Takes on the World – Write for them

Inspiration Feed – Write for them

Work it, Mom! – Write for them

Self-development / Spirituality / Psychology

Self-development sites that accept guest posts.

Dumb Little Man – Write for them

Lifehack – Write for them

MOMeoMagazine – Write for them

Work Happy Now – Write for them

Brazen Life – Write for them

Inspiration Feed – Write for them

Self Growth – Write for them

Lyved – Write for them

Extraordinary Mommy – Write for them

She Takes on the World – Write for them

Pick the Brain – Write for them

Roots of She – Write for them

Psychology Today – Write for them

The Psychology of Well-being – Write for them

Photography / Video/ Graphics / Design / Art

Photography, video, graphics, design, and art sites that accept guest posts.

1st Web Designer – Write for them

Onextrapixel – Write for them

Noupe – Write for them

WDL – Write for them

Planet5D – Write for them

Digital Photography School – Write for them

Inspiration Feed – Write for them

Skyje – Write for them

Web and Designers – Write for them

Light Stalking – Write for them



Technology sites that accept guest posts.

Readwrite – Write for them

Tips Blogger – Write for them

Gigaom – Write for them

Smashing Magazine – Write for them

Techie Buzz – Write for them

Techie Blogger – Write for them

Digital Inspiration – Write for them

Trouble Fixers – Write for them

Devils’ Workshop – Write for them

Calling All Geeks – Write for them

Inspiration Feed – Write for them

The Pragmatic Bookshelf – Write for them

Site Point – Write for them

The Kernel – Write for them


Writing sites that accept guest posts.

Write to done – Write for them

Men with Pens – Write for them

Writers in Charge – Write for them

Freelance Folder – Write for them

Fitness / Health / Food

Health, fitness, and food sites that accept guest posts.

Psychology Today – Write for them

Our Health Our Life ­– Write for them

Hive Health Media – Write for them

Kevin M.D. – Write for them

Self Growth – Write for them

The Change Blog – Write for them

Mercola – Write for them

Weight Loss Triumph – Write for them

Natural News – Write for them

Menuism – Write for them

Food Sense – Write for them

Women’s Health – Write for them

The Kitchn – Write for them

Aggie’s Kitchen – Write for them


Finance sites that accept guest posts.

Get Rich Slowly – Write for them

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Write for them

Five Cent Nickel – Write for them

Modest Money – Write for them

Investopedia – Write for them

ComFree Blog – Write for them

Investor Guide – Write for them


Travel sites that accept guest posts.

foXnoMad – Write for them

Global Grasshopper – Write for them

2 Backpackers – Write for them

Viator – Write for them

Boarding Area – Write for them

Travel Supermarket – Write for them

The Glove Box Blog – Write for them


Parenting sites that accept guest posts.

Baby Center – Write for them

Modern Mom – Write for them

Extraordinary Mommy – Write for them


Sites that accept guest posts and are difficult to categorize.

Huffington Post – Write for them

Some Words about the Article:

Firstly, you know about the article which you are going to publish. First, select your own topics. Of course, you need to know what to write about. Do not write anything that does not know. Articles must be unique. To ensure the format in which site you want to tune your article. For example, at first, you know the number of words in the article on that particular site, then, you tune your article in that particular format. Write articles related to your topics. Write informative articles that readers can learn something. Write your article in simple method by using simple the dictions. Within your article with pictures of the bloggers who do not pay. The picture is different in the article on the blogger’s blog to keep it beautiful. Read again and again and think yourself as a common reader while reading your article. See whether you are satisfied. This is the real thing. If you are not satisfied after writing it, then, others will not be satisfied. Do not give your article to the bloggers at that time. Take a break and then you feel fresh. And then again check it wherever you find any mistakes. Then give it.

Identity of Writer


You have to make your identity. Don’t make your identity long. Just give your identity in the shortcut way. You give your own information. Just start it by giving your name. Then you bring your own identity in one sentence. You also give your social media link. For Example:


Finally, I would say that there does not any article about Guest Blogging. You write articles and if you want to publish these articles on your desired website then, you have to contact the webmaster of your desired website.

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