What is torrent? How to download Torrent files?


Hello friends, how are you? Today I will tell you about what is torrent? How to download torrent and how does it work?

In that present time torrent is most popular for the file share. You’ll find everything in the torrent, like movies, games, music, videos, software etc.

At first, I will give you some basic knowledge about torrent.

What is torrent? – Torrent is P2P file sharing.

What is P2P? –  P2P means Peer 2 Peer.

What is Peer? – Peer, who downloads and upload at the same time.

What are seeds? – Seeds mean it’s uploaded all things.

What is Client? – A client is a software. This software downloads the torrent.

What is the Tracker? –  Tracker is kept in the medium of the torrent file servers.

The torrent has not any own servers, so it is a good idea to download the file with the torrent. The file is coming from the same as your or any other persons PC. When you have downloaded a file, at the same time the other one will take a part of the download file from your PC as you download from others persons’ PC.

The torrent’s download speed does not depend on your net speed. We assume that you have 1 Mbps broadband internet connection. Your normal download speed should be 100 KB to 150 KB. But you may not get the same speed of the torrent. In download seeds and peers will receive the more in number then the speed higher. If Seeds and Peers may use slow net speed, then you will not get the higher speed of download.

On the other hand, you get one or two Seeds and Peers, the Seeds and Peers number is low, Seeds and Peers use the high speed of net then you get the higher speed for downloading.

Now I will tell you how to download torrent. You should remember a few things before torrent download. The files are coming from any other user’s PC, if the user’s PC is virus affected then this virus can also attack your PC. So be careful.

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torrent download

1)      Use strong anti-virus software.

2)      Regularly update your anti-virus and must enable your anti-virus software when you are downloading a torrent file.

3)     Don’t go to any other sites when you are downloading, because the torrent sites contain viruses.

4)      Please click on your target file to download; do not click on any other file.

5) Don’t rename or move the file when you are downloading it.

Anyway, I am going to the process of download the torrent.

At first, you’ll need to download the Torrent client. The client is available and almost all of them are free. or click here to download the Torrent Client.

Please use uTorrent as a torrent client. Utorrent file size is small and it’s not necessary to install Java file for utorrent.

Now you will go on any tracker to get your desired file.

There are many Trackers on the web. I will tell you some name of Trackers. Follow the list below:

If you want to download the torrent files by using IDM then click here.

What do you do to download torrent files in highest speed?

If you need to download torrent, then you have to keep notion on the seeders of the torrent. It would be better if the seeders are high. It is very necessary to correct the ratio of seeders and lechers. Because suppose the seeders of the torrent are 10 thousand and the lechers of the torrent are 1 lakhs. Then, the torrent must not be healthy and you do not get the downloading speed. So, it is very necessary to correct the ratio of seeders and lechers. Do you know, Google may ban Torrent soon? Learn more…

Thank you…

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