The Top 20 Websites that You should know about


Hi! How are you? I am fine. Today, I am discussing another topic: The Top 20 Websites that you should know about.

In the web world, there are millions of websites.  But unfortunately, most of us out of the search radar. Some of these websites may have known, but each of us is very important to recognize. Today, I am sharing 20 top most websites in my article. Let’s go to know the 20 top most websites:

  1. HyperHistory:

A visual timeline for history where you can find the varieties of information about the history.  The website is:  Http://

2. Wiki Book: 

Archives are the large part of the textbook. Here are 26000 writing modules. The website is:

3. O Scope: 

It is a visual search engine which shows you search results from such kinds of websites such as: amazon,ebay etc. The website is:

4. Digital History: 

If you want to know more about the history America, you can follow this website:

5. Retriever: 

This is one of the visual search engine with which by drawing any sketch you can search any image. Now in present day, it has introduced the option to search for images  by uploading any image. The website is: Http://

6. Project Gutenberg: 

It is a huge database of useful downloads. The website is:


7.  ManyBooks: 

Here, you can get a lot of free books for your ipod from science fiction to classic fiction. The website is: Http://

8. Library Thing: 

This site allows you to share your favourite books with others. As well as those who are able to connect to your favourite books with them. The website is:

9. YouConvertlt:

Without any trouble of installing you can convert any media file to another format, totally free. The website is: Http://

10. Miro: 

This is the open source media player for downloading YouTube video  and play video game, totally free. The website is: Http://  

11. Internet Movie Script database: 

If you need to search for a movie script, please bookmark this site.

The website is:

12. Mint: 

This is the best site for free money management.

The website is:

13. Amcharts: 

It has flash chart and graphics of customize suitable for presentation or project.

The website is:


You can listen your favorite song or favorite artist’s song in this site. The website is:

15. Gnoosic: 

You can find out about new music, but you do not listen this music ever but like it. The website is:

16. Topix: 

It is the best site for news and informations. The website is:

17. Techmeme:

 This is the best site for knowing the technology based site. The website is:

18. Popurls: 

Through this site, we can get so many informations from various sources. The website is:

19. Purdue Online Writing Lab:

For improving your writing style, minimum 200 free resources on this site. The website is:

20. RetailMeNot:

 You can get the free coupon code for shopping in online. The website is: 

Hopefully, these 20 sites are to be very helpful for you, guys.

Thank You…